Denver Nuggets’ best punch wins over the Golden State Warriors. Grab the 3-0 series lead

DENVER — The Game 3 Preview is on Thursday night. Denver NuggetsMichael Malone, coach, vowed to “go in swinging” against them Golden State WarriorsWhile trying to find some fight with his team.

After being defeated in the first two games, the Nuggets displayed the most courage and life they've ever had in this series. But it wasn't enough, as the Warriors took a 118-112 victory in Denver to move up to 3-0.

Steve Kerr, Warriors head coach said, “You have to feel that kind of adversity on the road.” “You have to execute. It's great for our team to have that experience and be able to do it again, especially on the roads.

Additional Draymond Green: “When a game is over, a team will give it everything they have in the Game 3. If you're able to take the punch and come out victorious, you play in Game 4.

There were many plays that could be considered the game-sealing act for Golden State Thursday night.

Green forced the Warriors to give up with five seconds left, and 34.7 seconds remaining. Nikola JokicHe was about to turn his fifth time of the night, the fourth by Green, when he dropped the ball from Jokic’s grasp as the MVP tried to back him down.

Green stated that he felt good inside positioning on the first dribble. “And then, he took the second one, and it was far from his body. I can already see that he is dribbling more. I will be stabbing at it.

Green had just five fouls at the time. Kerr replied, “Yes, that made me nervous.” Kerr said, “But I'm not going out to take him out.”

Green stated that he did not hesitate to take the steal, and take on his sixth foul.

He said, “That's money-time.” “That's when one has to dig deeply. The last four minutes of the match are too important to waste your time worrying about fouling out. Joker is my opponent. I will use all six of my fouls during the game. … However, I cannot play timidly because I picked up my fifth foul.”

Green's defensive duties on Jokic have been excellent this series. However, he acknowledged that Jokic “got to the best of him” in Game 3.

Jokic's best game was Thursday night. He had 37 points on 14 of 22 shooting. Along with 18 rebounds, five assists, three steals, and five rebounds, he also had five assists, five rebounds, and three steals. Jokic was Green's primary defender and had two turnovers. He went 8-13 from the floor. Jokic shot 13-of-36% (36%) in this series when Green was guarding him, compared to 21-of-30 against any other Warriors defender.

Green also caused six turnovers while defending Jokic. This is tied for the most postseason turnovers by a player against one defender. Nets forward Kevin DurantHe committed six turnovers while being guarded Boston's Jayson Tatum.

Kerr said, “He's so confident defensively.” “He is a master of his talents. He is incredibly fast and strong, and he understands the advantages he can get by using his speed and leverage. Jokic is difficult to manage. He is a master at getting to where he needs to be, and once there, he turns around and shoots.

Malone mentioned that the play that sealed the victory for the Warriors in Game 3 was not Green's steal. He said that the play came about a minute to 45 seconds before.

The Nuggets are currently trailing 112-111. Stephen CurryPulling up, he attempted a 3-point shot from a distance of several feet behind the arc. It missed, but it was still within the arc. Jeff Green, Will BartonAnd Monte MorrisThe Warriors' circled the paint to rebound. Andrew WigginsFly in to grab the offensive boards

Malone stated that “That was a game where you play solid defense and the shot gets taken, and you kind of get men just watching,” “And it has to be a ball that is developed in that type game.”

Curry won the toss and Wiggins returned the ball to Curry. Jordan PooleIn the corner. Poole declined the open shot, and instead finished with a reverse layup. The Warriors were up three with 2:05 to go.

Poole called Wiggins’ rebound “huge”.

Poole stated that “we don't get the bucket if that rebound doesn't happen.” “Wiggs came up enormous.”

Wiggins had returned to the game at 4:27, which Kerr claimed was part of the game's plan. Kerr maintained his position until the fourth. Andre IguodalaBecause he had made “several great plays in succession”, he was allowed to continue the game. However, the Warriors soon realized that they needed more offense as the game changed and they turned to Wiggins.

It was a smart move that paid off quickly. With 3:05 remaining, Wiggins made a go-ahead 3, putting Golden State ahead for good. Kerr called it the “shot” of the game.

Curry, Poole, and other big performers gave the Warriors a great run down the stretch. Klay ThompsonThey finished the game with 27 and 26 points respectively. This makes them the first Warriors trio to have each 25 points in a playoff match since Game 3 of 2017 NBA Finals.

Poole was also the first to average 25 points and an effective field goal percentage of 80% through the first three postseason games.

Kerr stated, “The best part is seeing Jordan do this for the first-time.” He plays well. This is his third straight playoff match where he has done a fantastic job of making plays and knocking down shots.

The Warriors now have won a game on the road in all 24 of their playoff series (a league-record), which is each series Curry, Thompson, Green have played together.

Green stated, “That's the essence of it all.” “There is nothing better than entering a building belonging to an opposing team and shutting the rest of the crowd down. You can't get any better than this. It's hard to find a better feeling in sport than being forced into hostile environments by your crowd — screaming, shouting — and coming out victorious.

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