Golden State Warriors to Increase Stephen Curry’s Playing Time for Game 3 vs. Denver Nuggets

DENVER — Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen CurryThe minute restriction will be increased for Game 3 against the Denver NuggetsCoach Steve Kerr stated,

Curry told shootaround that Curry is feeling more like herself in terms of maintaining the intensity necessary to perform on the floor. “I'm ready for more minutes tonight and make them useable.”

We are still waiting to see what the actual increase will look like. Curry has played an average of 23 minutes per contest as a reserve in the best-of-7 series.

Curry will continue to be on the bench until his minutes are sufficient so that he can resume his regular rotation.

Curry returned to the court after a month-long absence due to a foot injury and scored 34 points in Game 2. This led to Golden State a 126-106 win and a 2-0 series lead.

Curry claims he has a new approach to the night when Curry comes off the bench. This includes his mindset in getting ready for play. He has adjusted his pregame routine to ensure he's not too high on adrenaline prior to sitting down for the first five or six minutes.

Curry said, “Usually you do all the work for the first tip.” “I did Game One, then I sat down at the bench. I couldn’t stop shaking my leg. My routine had been changed to make it easier for me to get ready for the second quarter.

Curry will be back in the starting lineup and the Warriors will have to make decisions. Jordan PooleCurry's playoff game, where he was a dominant player, could see himself returning to the bench or Golden State could shift. Andrew WigginsTo the second unit, and to form a trio of guards with Curry, Poole, and Klay Thompson.

According to Draymond GreenKerr agrees that it is a “great problem” to have.

Kerr stated, “We have a lot of guys that are capable of starting and playing big minutes.” “I have spoken to Jordan, and the younger players. Accept what the role of Jordan is — regardless of whether he starts or comes off-the-benches, he will play a lot.”

Curry said, “Hopefully I have shown that at the conclusion of the day it doesn’t really matter.” [who starts]. It's not about who's in the final lineup. But it's about when your number is called and being ready to go.

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