Golden State Warriors want to keep “all of those guys,” GM Bob Myers states. A trio of contract decisions are looming

SAN FRANCISCO – The Golden State Warriors There are several key players who are entering or approaching contract seasons. However, it's unclear if those extensions will be granted soon.

Jordan Poole You have until Oct. 17th to sign a rookie extension contract, but you could be a restricted-free agent in 2023. Andrew Wiggins At the end of the season, you will be an unrestricted agent free to all players. Draymond Green A player option is available for the 2023-24 seasons.

Bob Myers, the Warriors general manager, stated that they want all of them during a news conference. “Can we get them all?” I don’t know.

It all depends on how much money you have. The question is what we can do. We aren't yet at the point where we can make these decisions.

“Some of these decisions might be made within the next two weeks. Others may be made within the next seven, eight month.”

Last season, Golden State was the most costly team in NBA history. They paid approximately $346 million combined in salary and luxury taxes. This season, the repeater penalty will also apply to the Warriors.

In Poole’s case, the Warriors intend to use the Oct. 17, deadline as the driving force for a deal. Myers will meet with Poole after the Warriors return from preseason games.

Myers replied, “Where that will go, I don’t know.” “But I know that they want to meet. And we both want to meet. We'll then see what the next two week brings us.”

Myers claimed that he met with Wiggins and Green's camps, but that nothing concrete was gleaned from these meetings. These negotiations are likely to take place over the course the season and into summer, as there is no deadline for Wiggins or Green.

Myers believes that even if there are no agreements — for any of three players — it won't be a problem behind-the scenes.

Myers stated, “The good news is that we don't hear anyone wanting to leave.” “If they said they don't want us to be here, that would be an even bigger problem. They can either trade me or take me out at the end the season. I have not heard any of this. Our goal is to find the best solution.

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