Graham Gano is being paid a lot of money by Kayvon Thibodeaux for his No. 5

Pick in the first round Kayvon ThibodeauxWear No. 5. New York GiantsThe same shirt he wore before becoming the unanimous All-American was the. fifth overall selectionLast month, University of Oregon.

Veteran kicker, it only cost him $50,000 Graham Gano.

Thibodeaux sees the positive in this donation to charity. Puppies Behind Bars provides service dogs for injured war veterans and first responders as well explosive-detection police canines. Gano's father was a Navy veteran and his family has been involved in military service for over 30 years.

Gano stated that he felt that Kayvon's money would have the greatest impact on the people he was helping. Giants' website. “The idea behind five was special to Kayvon as well as me. I wanted to be able help five people obtain five dogs and have an impact on five lives.

“That was our whole goal. It is something I am really excited about.

Thibodeaux joked that it would take many zeroes to get Gano's number. Former Giants safety Jabrill PeppersHe was unable to seize the No. Gano claimed that he wears 5 because he has five children (Bryson Ryder Kayden Riley and Brynlee), ranging in age from 10 to 22.

Thibodeaux laughed and said, “It's funny. You guys just know, that this is real now. We're talking real numbers.” “When you tell someone 250, I don’t know what 250 is. It's easy to forget the zeros. It's a different world now.

“But yes, he is a great guy, and we obviously will build a relationship. I'm going be able to get into it and we are going to discuss it.”

They discussed it shortly after the draft was completed.

Gano, now 35, plans to wear the No. Gano, 35 years old, will wear the No. 9 that he wore when he was with the Carolina Panthers. Brittany, his wife, wore the same number as a star softball player at Florida State.

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