Grayson Allen sinks Chicago Bulls amid loud boos. Milwaukee Bucks now have a commanding 3-1 lead

CHICAGO — The days leading up the Chicago team's first road playoff game were hectic. Milwaukee BucksThey took advantage of every opportunity to shower Grayson AllenWith boos.

Allen was booed by the group as he got on to the bus. They booed him upon his arrival in the lobby at their team hotel. They booed Allen even when he touched the ball during practice.

So, when Allen set back to back playoff career highs in Game 3 and 4, helping Milwaukee take a commanding lead of 3-1 over Chicago, the Bucks bench enjoyed cheering him on.

Allen laughed after scoring 27 points from the bench in Sunday's Bucks 119-95 win. It's truly hilarious. It's become a lot of fun. They find it hilarious, so it makes it much easier to hear them say it in the game.

Game 5 will take places Wednesday night in Milwaukee.

The Bucks started mocking their teammate earlier in the season after they saw the way Allen was treated every time he touched a ball during Chicago's March 1st game. Allen, Chicago's number one basketball fan, became the public enemy no. 1 after his flagrant foul against Bulls guard. Alex CarusoCaruso suffered a fractured wrist in a game played on Jan. 21. He was forced to miss two months.

Allen stated Sunday that he attempted to reach Caruso for an apology after the incident. But the two of them never got to speak. While the Bulls have downplayed any animosity toward Allen during the series, fans at United Center are not so quick to forget it. They respond with loud boos every time Allen approaches the scorer's table and touches the ball on offense in each game this year.

Allen insists that he doesn’t take advantage of negative reactions after he wins a bad reputation in Chicago.

Allen said, “It is not naturally comfortable for my.” “It's so uncomfortable for me that I don't want to go to basketball. It's not something that I take from. It's not something I go out looking for.”

Allen's team still has fun, however.

Bucks star Giannis AntetokounmpoA photo of Game 3 was suggested by Allen. The Bucks bench can be seen in the background, booing Allen as he walks to the free throw line after a converted and-1.

Antetokounmpo smiled and said, “He's been playing amazing, maybe it was time to boo him more,” after the game. “Maybe Milwaukee fans got to boo him…nah we're no going to do that.”

Additional guard Jrue Holiday:

Allen scored 22 points to lead all scorers in Game 3 Friday, and he was even more impressive on Sunday afternoon.

Allen shot 10 of 12 shots from the field, including 6 of 7 3s from 3, to defeat Chicago's bench 27-17. He was the first Bucks player to score more than 25 points in a playoff game and also the first Bucks player without a bench member to have at least 25. Tim Thomas in 2003, according to research by ESPN Stats & Information. Allen was also a good defender, scoring three steals while holding Chicago to 3-for-8 on shooting when he was the primary defense.

Allen bounced back after going 0-for-4 at 3 to begin the series. His performance this weekend helped the Bucks weather the loss of forward Khris MiddletonHe will be out of the series due to a left-leg MCL injury.

Bucks coach, “He's kinda quiet, but confident.” Mike BudenholzerAllen was quoted. Allen said, “I think this group is confident. They see a player who can help them and they appreciate his competitiveness.” He is quiet and doesn't bully —,, and he loves to play. That mentality seems to be what our guys are drawn towards. It's definitely been a great fit.

Allen had already checked in to the game, making free throws with 5:50 remaining. By that point, the boos of the United Center crowd had changed from full-throated to halfhearted.

Chicago had waited five long years for a playoff home game and was finally rewarded with a weekend of competitive basketball. The Bulls lost both games at home by a combined score 230-176. They must win Wednesday in Milwaukee to extend their season.

“You have to give.” [Allen]Bulls guard credit Zach LaVine said. “He's hitting shots… clearly, we know what happened.” [with the Caruso injury]. It's basketball, at the end of it all. We get it. We don't pretend to be saying that he can't beat us. He's part the Milwaukee Bucks team and can't beat us. They are beating us as a team right now.

“You can't account for him. It's everybody.”

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