‘He is the real deal’: Mac Jones has assumed charge of Patriots’ offense for Year 2 – New England Patriots Blogger

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. The question of who calls plays for the New England PatriotsThe offense does not end, but the question of who is in charge of the unit on field is the receiver. Jakobi Meyers It is simple.

It's quarterback Mac Jones.

“Has Meyers taken over the offense?” Meyers stated Thursday that he had taken control of the offense with a capital YES. Meyers said, “He's truly the real deal. We all want to understand what he sees.

Jones answered a question about whether he felt like he had taken ownership of the offense his second season.

“I have control of the ball and must make the right decisions to help my team win. To win, you must stop losing. That's the goal. Make it even more this year.

Coach Bill Belichick appears to be happy with the current state of affairs, as evident by his decision to cancel Thursday's mandatory minicamp practice and the two final voluntary organized team activities for next week.

In recent years, this has been a regular occurrence. Belichick has rewarded the team for their hard work and believes that a foundation has been laid which will allow them to enter training camp in late August.

Jones has been making some great throws in recent practice. On Wednesday, Jones made several tight-window passes down the field to receivers. Tre Nixon And Nelson AgholorEnds that are tight and clean Jonnu Smith — That was what had the members of offense celebrating.

Meyers was taken note of Jones' order and said: “I know he and the coaches have done a great job of relaying information to me, but when we're out on the field, he tells me. And we asked him “How do I want it?” Which direction do you want us go? When would you like us to get there?

“He has been very firm about his opinions. He can see clearly and we only have to catch him throwing the ball.

Agholor was a rookie cornerback Jack Jones On Jones's long hookup, Jones draped his body all over Jones. Jones said: “He does great communicating, and is trying to be the best possible version of himself.

Jones' ownership of offense was also noted through running back Damien HarrisAlabama's teammate, he was also named.

Harris stated that Harris is a hard worker and that's what he most admires. “Coming out and seeing his leadership style, [he] To help his teammates, he puts his best foot forward.

Belichick is very involved in the offense's decision making, as well as Jones. Belichick snapped Jones the ball as a center during a drill Wednesday aimed at running backs.

“He is very hands-on. He was more concerned with defense last year. Jones explained that Jones is now coaching us. He's a great offensive unit and I feel that we've grown a lot together.

He's seen more football than any other coach. Because he's experienced with defense, offense, and special teams, his input will always be beneficial to me. He knows what places stress on the defense.

Sometimes, Matt Patricia (offensive) and Joe Judge(quarterbacks), were also in leading roles.

All this took place after Belichick claimed that the offense had been “streamlined” this offseason. This is similar to his 2019-20 defense. Jones stated that they have simplified the process and it's meant to make things easier.

Jones was asked to describe how comfortable he is with the coaching system now that there are only a few practices to evaluate.

He said, “The most important thing in life is getting on the right page, using the same lingo between the players and the coaches. And we've done a great job of that.”

“I think we have made some significant progress in the last few weeks. You cannot just stop working with OTAs. It's crucial to keep that going throughout the season. That is what we understand for training camp. “We must communicate and continue talking.”

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