Hockey Canada’s minister of sport orders a forensic audit after sexual assault allegations.

OTTAWA — Hockey Canada was ordered to conduct a forensic investigation after a Canada sports minister filed a lawsuit against a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted multiple times by members of Canada's 2018 junior hockey world champions team.

Pascale St-Onge stated that she was shocked and angry and that an investigation would be conducted to determine if public funds were not used to cover up the story in an out-of-court settlement.

According to court records, the plaintiff is identified as E.M. She claims she was repeatedly attacked while drunk in London, Ontario after a Hockey Canada event that honored the gold medal-winning junior hockey team.

The woman, now aged 24, sought $3.55million in damages. The details of the settlement have not been released.

Bloc Québécois MP Sébastien Lemire, who introduced a motion Thursday in the House of Commons calling for an investigation, said he was “outraged” by the allegations.

“How can we find out (about this) after four years?” He asked. “Have they covered up allegations regarding sex scandals involving Hockey Canada athletes?”

Hockey Canada released a statement on May 26 that stated the plaintiff had decided not to talk with both the police and the independent investigator of Hockey Canada. Hockey Canada also stated that the woman didn't want to identify any of the players.

The statement stated that “This was her right, and we fully respect their wishes.”

An investigation was also initiated by the NHL.

“We will attempt to determine the underlying facts, and, to the extent that this might involve players who are currently in the NHL. We will determine what action, or if any, we should take,” the league stated in a statement.

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