Houston Astros’ Hector Neris, manager Dusty Baker was fired after a dustup with Seattle Mariners

Houston Astros Relief Hector Neris A four-game suspension was issued Tuesday to the defendant for intentionally throwing behind Seattle Mariners Third baseman Eugenio SuarezMonday's head after both teams were warned following a benches clearing skirm.

Major League Baseball suspended Dusty Baker, Astros manager, for Neris’ actions. Both were also fined an undisclosed sum.

Scott Servais, Mariners manager, was also fined along with Omar Lopez (Astros coach), Troy Snitker (mariners manager), and Joe Espada ( Astros coach) for their actions in the melee during Seattle's 7-4 win at Houston’s Minute Maid Park.

Baker will serve his suspension Tuesday when the Astros host the Mariners. Neris' suspension also begins Tuesday unless he appeals.

Monday was trouble from the beginning with Neris's slugger plunking in the ninth. Ty France In the back. Both coaches and players began chirping at each others, and Servais led as Seattle's bench emptied to face the Astros close to home plate.

“All I know about our best hitter, it's two outs in the ninth, and you throw the first pitch after him,” Servais stated after the game. It's quite obvious.

Mariners Julio Rodriguez Neris was pulled away from the scrum. Servais, Baker and Servais were at the centre of the pushing, shoving and shouting, with Servais repeatedly pointing at Lopez, Astros' base coach.

Servais & Lopez were thrown out, and both benches received warnings.

Rodriguez scored and J.P. Crawford Neris was ejected from Baker's place after he threw a pitch behind Suarez’s head. Baker was also automatically expelled because of this warning.

Baker denied that Neris had intentionally targeted France or Suarez during the game.

Baker stated, “The pitch behind France in a one-run match you're not going put anyone on, nobody throws at him.” “We don’t do that anyway. It was a series bad events, and I don’t want to talk too much about it because I’m already sort of enraged. [upset].”

Neris also denied his errant pitches being intentional and France didn't believe the one he hit was deliberate.

France stated that France didn't believe the timing was right for it to have been intentional. “So, I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but it's something I doubt.”

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