How the Golden State Warriors prepare Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody for the next generation of NBA champions

PRACTICE BEFORE GAME 2. The NBA Finals hadn't started yet, but rookies Jonathan Kuminga (left) and Moses Moody (right) took a moment to sit on the Golden State Warriors bench to absorb the special atmosphere inside Chase Center.

There was an unmistakable reminder that they were right where their eyes were. They could see the flashing light on the giant big screen, on an LED board that wraps around arena, and even in the seats they were seated in. NBA Finals It was impossible to miss the cursive-script logo or Larry O'Brien Trophy.

“What do YOU think?” Kuminga asked Moody while they looked at Finals signage.

“What do people think when we run this team?”

While Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson Draymond Green By winning their respective fourth championship in eight years The defeat of the Boston CelticsThe Warriors were doing something that no champion of recent memory has done. Steve Kerr said that the Warriors were “raising” two 2021 NBA lottery picks throughout this title run. Kerr and his Big Three had hoped that the championship masterclass Kerr gave each day of their quest would have a lasting impression.

“They're going be required to [eventually] Bob Myers is the Warriors' president of basketball operations. “They're fortunate to be able to see the results.

Draymond, Klay and Steph didn't have the ability to do this level of advanced scouting regarding the Finals and the playoffs. They had to see it and then find a way. It's important for young men to taste, see and hopefully desire it.

Kuminga, Moody and the Larry O'Brien Trophy will parade down Market Street in San Francisco Monday's Warriors championship parade. This is almost a year since they were drafted.

Kuminga, Moody, who are rookie lottery-pick players, were the first to take part in the NBA Finals. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, they are also the youngest teammates to win a championship.

Add 2020 No. Add on 2020 No. James Wiseman Myers, who was injured in his knee last season, missed the season. However, Myers said he will be in contact to get back in touch and take part in the next month's league. Golden State also returns three lottery picks for the title defense.

It is worth the pain of losing Thompson to two severe injuries and Curry to a wrist injury and suffering 50 losses in 2019-20. The result is a championship core with a new generation lottery talent in Wiseman Kuminga, Moody. A 23-year old Jordan PooleThe young players will be pushing for greater roles in next season's team.

Green was skeptical about this combination of veterans and first-round picks, earlier this season.

Green stated that unless a championship team is young and has veterans around it, Green doesn't think it can be built. “Historically, it was something we had never seen work.”

Golden State refused the temptation to trade its future for more experience, even though it began the season 26-6. The Warriors made it back up to the NBA mountaintop once again. The defending champions must find creative ways to retain key players and improve. However, the Warriors next season will feature a pair homegrown lottery picks who, regardless of how little they played, will bring valuable playoff and Finals experience to the team.

The Warriors' championship DNA now flows through Kuminga, Moody.

Green stated, “Most people spend their careers chasing that.” Green said, “And worried about, like, I have to get to this team. I need to be with these guys. We need that coach. You don't have to worry about losing if you're not a loser (which we have many of in this league), then your whole career is ruined.

“For them not to worry about moving forward, it's like they already have the stamp of ‘I am a champion'. Everything you do from that place, you can also do it from another location. You don't have to chase anything, or even want it. Some people never get it.

THE INTOXICING AROMA After the six-game victory over Boston by Golden State, champagne can be found down the hall from the visitor's locker area in TD Garden. Moody and Kuminga are enjoying something that rookie lottery-pick team members have never experienced.

Kuminga (19) holds the championship trophy like a baby as he takes professional photos of Warriors players with it. He places it in his left arm and nestles it under his left arm. Moody, who is 20 years old, holds the most prized in the sport, much like an expensive guitar.

These Warriors' veterans are hopeful that the moment will not be lost on the team they have been working so hard to make into NBA champions.

“They're 19 year-old kids,” she said. Andre IguodalaKuminga was two years old when he started his professional career. “They should be studying on college campuses and learning about themselves. They don't have to be making millions a year. It is possible to become complacent. These things can be taken for granted.

This was Iguodala’s seventh NBA Finals. He told Kuminga, Moody and all the other players to capture this moment and even to “take photos.”

It can be difficult to communicate these tips to teens without sounding too parent-like, especially when there is a generational gap.

Green noticed this past season that Kuminga would walk by him every time he saw him.

Green stated, “I'm 32 years old and he is 19.” He may not like what I do. … Think about what it would be like to see an old head doing something. … It's really funny and you're actually laughing because it's so old-fashioned.

“That's the way I feel. He was looking at me like he thought I was old. You move old. You look old.'”

Kuminga — a Congolian forward drafted No. After one season playing with the G League, Ignite, Kuminga was drafted 7th overall. He has had to be patient more than his lottery peers. Kuminga only played eight minutes in the NBA Finals. He averaged 9.3 PPG in 70 regular season games and 5.2 in 16 playoff games.

Warriors center said, “I learned that his was a freakishly athlete.” Kevon LooneyYou will also be an agent free of charge Gary Payton II Otto Porter Jr. “He's a different kind of athlete… like Andre peaking, or guys like LeBron.”

As a rookie, the 6-foot-7 forward played 12 games and was crucial in the playoffs. Green was ejected in Game 1, for a flagrant violation 2, and Green was injured in Game 2. Kuminga also scored 18 in Golden State's blowout victory over Memphis in the third round, and 17 points twice in blowout defeats against Memphis (Dallas) and Memphis (both in the second round).

Others, like Orlando's rookies, are also interested. Franz Wagner (No. 8 overall) as well as Sacramento's Davion Mitchell (No. (No.

However, unlike other lottery picks Moody and Kuminga have championship experience.

Kuminga said, “I never worry about whether or not we're playing.” “As long my mind is still open to learning, I will continue to improve every day. I know that I will be available when my moment comes. … Everyone here [is] Just helping me, way more then dudes [other rookies around the league] Are, wherever they may be right now.”

Moody was the draftee after only one season at Arkansas. He is the more experienced rookie. The shooting guard still learns from Thompson and Curry, two of the best shooters in the game. He is also able to learn from Poole, who is just starting out.

Kerr, who played the 6-6 Moody in Western Conference finals against Dallas. Kerr's 65 minute guard time was the longest in a conference finals for a teenager since Kobe Bryant (87 minutes) in 1998. Moody saw only 10 minutes in the Finals. Moody scored 4.4 points per 52 games during the regular season.

Curry, however, was adamant about Moody's methods and habits. He noticed how the rookie plays like an experienced veteran, working with the same intensity every day, no matter how much time he had.

Curry said, “It is amazing to see how much has changed in a short time.” Curry said that Curry was able to make an impact by entering a playoff series during the Western Conference finals.

“That's what you'll look back on and be proud of, because there's so much instability in this league. It's not possible for everyone to have the infrastructure or the presence to bring men along.

IN THE MIDDLE Section of the Warriors' plane flying to Boston for Game 6 Myers observed Curry, Thompson, and Green laughing and joking together at the same table.

Myers couldn’t help feeling grateful for the moment's rarity. After a decade of being on the same team, three All-Stars still enjoy each other's company.

Myers spoke of Kuminga Moody and Wiseman, saying that “I believe they see it”. It should register. Although I am certain it will register, each person might have a different experience. They are all unique. As Steph, Klay and Draymond differ. … It's almost as if you're in a band. The personalities complement one another and that's why you're willing to sit next each other even when you don't need to.

Kuminga or Moody may produce the same championship hits that their predecessors when it's their turn. They know that they are already world champions.

Moody stated, “If you give a pork a pancake, he will want some syrup.” “Once you get the championship, you will want something else.”

Kuminga & Moody won't be able to take over as Warriors players until the Curry, Thompson, Green era takes control.

Myers said, “Eventually they'll pass it off, years later, and see what other guys can do.”

“But it is a hard act to follow. I'll tell them so. It's as difficult as it gets, no matter who's next to take the baton.

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