“I became the Flamingo Man” — The reason there was a Flamingo behind New York Rangers’ goalie, Game 1.

NEW YORK — The supporters behind New York Rangers star goalie Igor Shesterkin There was a sea of commemorative T-shirts in black and blue, as well as a multitude of blue jerseys. Game 1 Finale for the Eastern Conference

There was only one splash of neon pink from the Rangers' 6-2 win, thanks to the inflatable flamingo that was waved furiously following each save.

Matt Ansen proudly declared, “We've won both of the last two games that I've been there,” a lifelong Rangers fan and Florida resident.

Ansen's inflatable flamenco had the words “Go Rangers,” 2022, ECF, and Wednesday night's date written on it. He actually had two inflatable flamingos at the game. The Rangers' goalie was the other.

“I've got an Igor flamingo there that says Glove Save and a Beauty’ on one side, and ‘Igor on the other,” he stated. “I have hundreds upon hundreds of flamingos.”

Madison Square Garden

“No, I have only two of them right now. Rest are elsewhere.”

Ansen is known for bringing inflatable flamingos along to sporting events. It started in 1986 with “a hard-flamingo, similar to a K-Mart flamer”, when Ansen attended Game 6 in the World Series. This was when the ball passed through Bill Buckner, the Boston Red Sox's first baseman, and helped the New York Mets win.

Because he was scalping tickets with his friends, he had the flamingo. He thought the flamingo would allow them to see each other at Shea Stadium, in a world that didn't have cell phones. His picture was taken and published in Long Island's newspaper. His mother, Flushing, noticed the photo and rebuked him for traveling from Florida to see a baseball game.

He stated, “Busted”.

His lucky flamingo, which he brought to Indiana with him, was a Pacers playoff match in 1987. This was their first postseason win and made the Indianapolis Star front page.

Ansen declared, “I became Flamingo Man.”

He became a Pacers game staple, bringing a multitude of signs that mocked his opponents to the games. The Indy Star profiled him in 2014 as “The No. as “the No. He has many photos of those games stored on his phone. One of them is of him standing close to the goal. Miami Heat-era LeBron James He holds a pink flamingo in both his hands.

Ansen's fandom is making national news. A 2017 NBA playoff game between Pacers and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving A flamingo was slapped out of Ansen's handIn a viral clip. Ansen caught a ball out of bounds and tried to give his flamingo instead to Irving.

“He said, ‘Gimme the Ball!' Ansen said that he slaps the ball out of his hand.

Ansen has seen many celebrities sign his flamingos over the years, including Magic Johnson and Spike Lee.

Igor Shesterkin might be next, as the “Pacer Guys” moonlights during the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs as the Rangers Guy.

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