“I won’t change how I play basketball.”

MEMPHIS TENNESS — The Golden State WarriorsThere was little response from the league when it announced that it would not downgrade Draymond GreenThe flagrant two that he picked in the second half of Game 1 against the Western Conference semifinals was a violation of Memphis Grizzlies.

However, it is possible to wonder if Green will change his play from now on.

Green stated that he will never change how he plays basketball. “It's brought me this far. It's brought me three championships and four All-Stars. I was also named Defensive Player Of The Year. “I won't change.

After his ejection during Game 1, the Grizzlies' Brandon ClarkeClarke said that Green's play, which saw him hit Clarke on his head and grab his jersey, was not surprising. Clarke stated that he has seen Green play similar moves throughout his career.

Green said that Clarke's comment was not surprising to him and that it won't bother him.

Green said, “My reputation can be a badge of honour.” “Not everyone can achieve that reputation.”

After picking up four flagrant postseason points, Green was removed from Game 5 in the 2016 NBA Finals. Green responded that Sunday's ejection was similar to the one he received in 2016 when he flagrantly stated, “Every year feels the same to me.” My entire career has not been changed.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, and his guard, cautioned that Green should not change the way they play from now on, but that he must practice mindfulness to avoid two more flagrant offenses that could result in a suspension.

Curry said, “Unfortunately,” Curry added. Curry said that only he knows what this means to him and how he approaches each match. He should be himself, make the plays he can, and have an impact on the game. Be demonstrative. But he cannot be in a position where rules are against him.

Green stated, “It will not take the bite off of the way that I play.” “Because then it will take the bite out of how I play,” Green said. I don’t know how to bite. It doesn't work.

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