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KENNER, La. – Chances are, former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was just having a little fun on social media Sunday night when he threw out the phrase, “I may play football again” while responding to a report about his broadcasting future.

That phrase will raise eyebrows when you're one of the most successful and competitive quarterbacks in NFL History. Here’s a quick glance at what a comeback might entail for the 43-year-old.

Brees was serious about his retirement after one season.

No … but, well, you never know.

Sources close both to Brees' and Saints officials have said that there is no chance of a comeback. And Saints coach Dennis Allen confirmed as much at Monday’s Saints Hall of Fame Golf Classic when he said, “I think it was a comment made in jest, and we certainly haven’t had any conversations in that regard.”

Brees responded directly to a New York Post report stating that he wouldn't be returning to NBC as an analyst after one year. Brees denied the report while listing a number of things he may consider doing — including training “for the pickleball tour.”

However, Brees also tweeted earlier Sunday night about how the Saints’ recent additions of local icons Tyrann MathieuAnd Jarvis Landry “makes me want to come backAnd play again!!!”

Brees is known for being a competitive person who said that he could play at an elite level until age 45. Tom Brady prove it’s possible.

According to multiple reports Brees had surgery on his left non-throwing shoulder. There are two possible ways that this could be viewed. Either this means that Brees isn't ready to return to football any time soon or that he just wants to keep his body in top condition.

Brees feels probably better now than he did one year ago. He admitted that he was still dealing with several nagging injuries in 2020. These included a punctured lungs and fractured bones that kept him out of action for four weeks. However, he said he was ready for one game.

Even if Brees doesn’t return to the Saints or another team this summer, it’s possible he could stay in shape in case another opportunity arises. After all, the Saints called him last December to gauge his interest when they were down at their fourth quarterback for the season.

Would the Saints be interested in this?

This one is too hypothetical for me to answer honestly. General manager Mickey Loomis, however, avoided any controversy Monday by stating that he had not spoken to Brees.

Loomis, when asked if Brees would make a comeback, said Brees was “capable” of doing anything but that he would “stay away” from speculation.

The Saints have made a strong commitment towards their current quarterback Jameis WinstonSign him to a two-year extensionThey are worth $28 million in base and $21 million each offseason, depending on how successful they trade. Deshaun Watson fell short.

They also signed one veteran backup option that has proven to be reliable. Andy Dalton. They still do. Taysom HillHowever, he will likely to concentrate more on an end/runner role this season.

It’s hard to predict how the Saints might react if Brees was adamant about making a comeback. However, they might call him again if there are injuries.

What is Brees’ contract status?

Brees was placed on the NFL’s reserve/retired list last June. However, he can always apply to be reinstated. Because he had one year left on his Saints contract he could apply for reinstatement.

Interestingly, though, Brees had lowered his salary to the veteran minimum of $1.075 million before he retired to help New Orleans’ salary-cap situation. The two sides would have to come to an agreement, regardless of whether Brees wanted to return to the Saints team or play for another one.

The Saints still have more than $10million in salary-cap space, even after Mathieu and Landry were signed. But they pushed nearly $100 million in cap costs into future years earlier this offseason to get under the cap and make room for the possibility of adding Watson’s contract. Any Brees reunions would need to be at a significant hometown discount.

Hypothetically speaking, yes.

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