Ike Diogu, who saw Nigeria in chaos, joined Snoop Dogg’s Big3 Team instead

Even before Nigeria was self-imposed two-year ban International basketball was announced last month. D'Tigers captain Ike diogu saw the signs and joined Snoop Dogg's Big3 Team, Bivouac.

After competing in the Basketball Africa League, Diogu decided to sign up after having previously rejected offers to play in Big3, a professional 3×3 league created by Ice Cube.

Former former president, now 38 Golden State Warriors player is the cocaptain for Bivouac. partially owned by Snoop DoggThe legendary NBA coach, Larry Bird, coached them. Gary Payton.

“I've been asked to play!” [Big3] It has been a long time. It was simply that with all the national team stuff, it was impossible for me to do it. However, this year was good and things worked out schedule-wise so I thought I'd give it another try. Diogu told ESPN.

“There is a lot going on right now with the national team, so I decided to just make a decision for me based on some of the feedback I've been receiving — not necessarily about the ban.

It's just some of my personal stuff and the national team. I cannot speak for anyone else, but only for myself. “I just felt that this summer would be more freeing than in previous years.”

Diogu, who has NBA experience, would ordinarily be ready to represent his country this time of year. Indiana Pacers, Portland Trail Blazers, Sacramento Kings, LA Clippers And San Antonio SpursThe Big3 is not going on vacation.

“[I'll approach the Big3 with] The same intensity [as any other tournament]. It's still basketball, at the end. It's still professional basketball. You never know who might be watching. Every time I go out to play, it's a showcase. People start to look at that number as they get older. [38 years old] He added that he was scared and felt a little bit of panic.

“I have to prove that I am still in top shape, prove that I can still perform. There are many good players in this league so you don't want the worst thing to do, which is to come out and feel embarrassed that you're not ready. This is not what I want to do. I will approach this matter with seriousness.

“I still enjoy basketball and it is still very enjoyable. I will keep playing basketball as long I am healthy, efficient, and enjoying it. I enjoy playing against players from all walks of life. It's especially cool to play against super young men who are 19, 20, and 21 years old.

“I'm able to give them a different perspective since I was born in a different time period of basketball than how it is played now. It's cool to be an elder statesman still playing the game.

Diogu specifically wants to get another BAL contract. finished third with Zamalek This year.

When asked how the BAL format was changed and the experience of playing with a new team, he said that it exceeded his expectations. The playoff format was quite fun, and very cool.

“It was disappointing that we weren’t at 100%. It was going to make it hard to compete for this championship. I believe that we really needed at 100% to beat US Monastir.” [in the semi-finals].

“That's the way the game is sometimes. However, everything was good – Rwanda was nice and the basketball was amazing. It was all great. It's impossible to predict the future, but I would love to be a part of another edition.

For his international career, Diogu was back on the D'Tigers roster in November last year for the first round 2023 FIBA World Cup African qualifiers. However, he was only one of 15 players who qualified for the 2023 FIBA World Cup African qualifiers. signed a letter Before the NBBF presidential elections, the candidates stated that they would pull out of the national team if Musa Kida was not removed as the head of the organisation.

The power forward/center is not giving up on Nigeria. He believes that even if the ban were lifted, there would be changes for the NBBF before he would reconsider returning to Nigeria.

Diogu answered the question “I don't know” when asked if it was premature to rule out the return of D'Tigers. It is impossible to rule out any possibility. Because I've pledged allegiance to my country since the beginning of time, I believe that no question should be asked.

“People need to question those in power if they wish to have someone like me on their team. These answers won't come to you. It'll be one of those difficult questions I don’t know if I ever get the answer to. For me, everyone knows where my loyalty stands.”

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