Ime Udoka states that Boston Celtics must better start against the Miami Heat. They cannot ‘give life early’ in Game 7.

MIAMI – Ahead of Game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals Boston Celtics Coach Ime Udoka stated that it was only right that his team had gone through such a rollercoaster season to reach this point. It is fitting that this series will be decided by Boston, which must win a third road game here on Biscayne Bay in order to make it to the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010.

Udoka stated, “Yeah. I would say so,” during a video conference call Saturday morning with reporters. It's not just the series for us. It's been all season. It hasn't always been easy, even in the playoffs. A lot of this is due to our efforts, and we can do better.

“But for us it's another chance. This is where you find yourself, up 3-2, and have two games to win one. As much as you would love to win it on your own court, it's not possible.

The Celtics had the chance to close the game. Miami Heat Home in Game 6 Friday night only Jimmy Butler In 46 minutes, I was able to score 47 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists. all-time great performance By the future Hall of Famer in order to ensure that this series would see a seventh game.

Boston didn't do enough to help itself. They had a poor first quarter, which has been a problem for the Celtics this series. A third quarter was also a problem.

Udoka indicated that the Celtics will be focusing on Game 7, with their season at stake. This is after they made several mistakes in Game 6, and fell into a hole of 12-5 they spent the entire game trying to get out of.

Udoka responded that it had to do with the Celtics' inability to maintain their composure during games. We understood Miami's situation last night and we didn't play our best offensively or defensively in the first quarter. For most of the game, we were behind the eight ball. We were never in control of the game, and we felt like we were constantly fighting for the ball. We would like to have better starts and put pressure on the opponent in those situations, as we did in Game 7 against Milwaukee. We have this mindset going in. We want to do better going into Miami. We are confident in our ability to win down there, but we need to get off to better starts.

Udoka also talked about how Miami was able keep its citizens happy. Jayson Tatum And Jaylen Brown The second half of Game 6 saw the Heat take the ball off the boards. After Boston's star wings had scored 18 points each, they combined to score seven shots in Game 6. The Heat took just one shot in the fourth quarter and forced other players on the Celtics into beating them.

It almost worked as it was nearly. Derrick WhiteParticularly, he had a great game off the bench. Udoka stated that it is a delicate balance for his stars to find their teammates in times of defense collapse while still being aggressive enough for them to make plays.

Udoka explained that if they chase them early on, we encourage them not to touch the ball. The defense will then break down and be more open for them later. “Guys were making enough plays with the ball. We want them to be aggressive but at the same, we don't want them to stop being aggressive. Look for opportunities. Many of them had turnovers. I gave up on a few opportunities and drove into traffic. It encouraged them to be aggressive. They made only half as many field goal attempts. Miami was there to help them. Derrick was able to get it going, but we want to be aggressive and make the right plays. They are also our scorers and our top scorers. We need them to win the fourth quarter. We need to do better at finding them, getting the ball and placing them in the right spots knowing how defense is protecting them.

It was difficult to imagine a scenario four years ago in which the Celtics would play at all right now, let alone in Game 7 of their Eastern Conference finals. It's been a great season in Boston. Udoka stated that the resiliency of his team over the topsy-turvy nature this campaign has helped them achieve what they did in each of the previous two games at FTX Arena: win.

Udoka stated, “We've been resilient group.” “We have overcome many obstacles this year. The season has not been easy. Due to some of our experiences in this series, it almost seems like we must take the hard route sometimes and place ourselves in that position.

“[We] Understanding the bigger picture and what lies ahead of us is key. We were given the chance to play two games in order to win one. Now we must finish it in Miami.

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