In shooting slump, Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson relives ‘great moments’ online

BOSTON Klay Thompson As the Golden State Warriors Guard was told by his coach how he shot 10-for-33 in NBA Finals.

Thompson thanked Thompson Tuesday for reminding him of his wonderful shooting percentage.

Thompson may recall times when he's in a shooting slump and remind himself of the better times to help him regain his shooting skills. Thompson said that he will occasionally go on YouTube to watch his greatest hits, including “Game 6 Klay”.

Thompson stated, “That's what's so great about playing in today’s age.” You can search YouTube for all your greatest moments.

Thompson was asked what the last time was that he was online to see him shoot 3-pointers as he prepares for Game 3 in Boston.

On Tuesday, before Warriors practice, he stated that he had done it “probably yesterday”. “I remember being in college. If you are in a shooting slump, the video men will put up a great shot of when everything was in sync, your body was working so well that the ball was flowing from your fingertips.

Thompson was asked what his favorite highlight video is for inspiration. He pointed to his playoff personality.

Thompson stated, “Gosh! It's probably YouTube's Game 6 Klay.” “Because of the high-pressure situations that I was in. I was able to shoot the ball very well. If you are able to do it with your back against the wall, it is possible to do it at any moment. It's about maintaining a strong mental attitude.

Boston could see the Warriors use a “Game 6 Klay” appearance. The series is tied 1-1. Stephen Curry He has taken on a lot of the Golden State's offensive load. He averages 31.5 points per match. Next Warrior in scoring are Andrew Wiggins At 15.5 points per match. Thompson averages 13.0 points, but he is coming off Game 2, in which he shot 4-for-19 from the field and 1-for-8 from the 3.

This is a far cry from Thompson, who has a reputation of shining in playoff Game 6's. He averages 20.7 point per game and shoots 4.2 3-pointers during Game 6. He scored 41 points, made 11 3-pointers against Oklahoma City in Game 6, 2016 Western Conference Finals, and then had 30 against Toronto during Game 6 of 2019, NBA Finals.

Thompson scored 30 points, and drilled eight triples to win Game 6 in this postseason. Thompson averaged 28.1 point per game and has made six 3-pointers in the last seven Game 6's.

Curry didn't know Thompson would sometimes go back to his best shooting days. Curry stated that “all the best do this.” He also stated that Thompson does not appear or act like a shooter in trouble when things aren’t going his direction.

Curry said, “History with him shows there's no predictor.” Curry said, “He is able to take it to the next level. He's always found a way for himself to go, whether it be regular season or playoffs. It's important to have a loud impact, especially in the playoffs. It's usually really loud.

His demeanor doesn't change… you would think that he's at least 50 percent in this series. He is confident and has an easygoing look. This is his best quality.

It's not about how hard you work, but about your mindset. There are no teaching points. He has so much faith that he can leave at any time.

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