Jim Irsay, Indianapolis Colts owner, sees a multi-year future for Matt Ryan as quarterback

INDIANAPOLIS — Colts do not look at new starting quarterback Matt RyanJim Irsay stated Saturday that the position was only a one year Band-Aid.

Ryan was added to AtlantaIt was possible to compare March with the moment the Colts signed Philip Rivers for a one-year deal in 2020, until they found their long-term solution. Ryan will start the next few seasons, if Irsay has his wish.

Irsay stated that Matthew is different from Philip. It's not drafting Andrew Luck but it's still different than Philip. We knew Philip would be a one-year thing, and we think this could turn out to be a three-year thing. It's hard to know. It's difficult to give a figure.

The Colts wanted to sever all ties with Carson WentzAfter just one season, he was so miserable that they traded him to another team. Washington CommandersThey didn't have a plan as to who their starter would be next season. Ryan was not able to get into Indianapolis until the Falcons attempted to land him. Deshaun WatsonFrom Houston. Watson was traded to Cleveland by the Falcons, but Ryan had been with them for 14 years.

The Colts gave up two 2022 second-round draft picks and a 7th-round 2022 pick to the Commanders to Washington's 2022 pick, 2022 pick, and conditional 2023 pick for Wentz.

Irsay stated that part of the problem was that there were no clear answers after we moved from Carson. That was the greatest dilemma. I was insistent that you look at it this way, with the hard, cold reality that there would be solutions.

In a very short time, Ryan's presence is already felt within the Colts team. Marcus Brady, offensive coordinator, said Ryan, 2016 NFL MVP, was “damn close coach in himself” during offseason training sessions.

Irsay stated that Matt Ryan is the best. “There's no way that I can explain it to you, unless (general manager) Chris Ballard and (coach] Frank (Reich) look at the different people in this organisation eyes and see what a difference Matt Ryan makes because he is in this building. His professionalism, his status at 36 and his coming in here are all reasons we are very fortunate.”

The Colts will be happy if Ryan can return for multiple seasons. This will give them the time they need to look for their next franchise quarterback.

Irsay stated that Matt could be here for up to four years. “We have our eyes on a young man that could be the long-term future.

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