James Harden wants trade with Philadelphia 76ers. However, he won’t request formal agreement due to public backlash.

However Brooklyn NetsGuard James HardenWants to trade with the Philadelphia 76ersAccording to ESPN sources, he has refrained from making a formal request because of the fear of public backlash that could come with asking for a second franchise in consecutive years.

Harden is optimistic that Daryl Morey (76ers president of basketball operation) will trade him before Thursday's Wednesday 3 p.m. Sources said that Morey and Sean Marks, the Nets general manger, have not entered into serious discussions about a trade before the ET NBA trade deadline.

Sources said that there is still a possibility that both sides will communicate on Thursday. However, the possibility of a deal remains. Both teams must assess the risk-reward ratio of a Harden deal.

The willingness of Morey to include assets beyond exiled guard in a trade could be a deciding factor in a potential trade Ben SimmonsThe Nets needed to convince Harden to be unloaded, despite the fact that they would have to create the salary cap space to sign Harden as a summer free agent. Philadelphia could also re-engage Harden on an opt in and trade strategy during the offseason.

The Nets also face risk: They traded key players and draft picks in order to acquire Harden from the Houston RocketsA little over a decade ago, they were able to keep a disgruntled athlete in the team's championship attempt this season. And this is with the possibility of losing him this summer.

Harden missed Brooklyn’s last three games because of a hamstring strain. It is possible that Harden shut down intentionally to communicate his desire to be with the Nets.

The Sixers have mostly retreated from trade deadline deals involving Simmons, until they can get clarity on whether or not Harden can be included in any deal, sources claimed.

Management and the Nets owners want to win a championship and believe that a revival of the season is possible. Kevin DurantAfter the All-Star Break,'s return. Brooklyn accepts the possibility of Harden leaving, but wants the best possible route to a title. Brooklyn will treat Harden as the. Toronto Raptorsdid Kawhi LeonardIn 2019 — Championship or Bust.

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