Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics’ star, says the key to beating Golden State Warriors in the NBA championship isn’t rocket science.

BOSTON-As Jayson Tatum And the Boston Celtics They have been through a rollercoaster season the past few months. However, they turned their season around and reached the NBA Finals for first time in their careers. There has been much debate about Tatum’s status within the NBA.

As he gets ready to play in his first NBA Finals match here at TD Garden Wednesday evening, the Celtics will be hosting the game. Golden State Warriors Tatum stated that he believes he can win three more games in the NBA Finals, with both teams tied at one game each.

Tatum stated that if you win a championship they can debate many things after Tuesday's practice at the arena in Boston. They can't discuss whether you are a champion.

“Obviously lost the other evening. I look forward to getting back tomorrow. First Finals game, at home, in the Garden. It's going be great. It will be fun.

Tatum is now the face of Boston's team, being selected for the first All-NBA team selection and then being named to the third consecutive All-Star team selection. Tatum also led Boston through a string of playoffs. Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo And Jimmy Butler To bring the Celtics back into the NBA Finals for their first time since 2010.

As is the case with these types things, there have been debates about whether or not he's a superstar.

Tatum smiled after being asked if there was anything that has surprised him about his run as a “star player.”

Tatum stated, “A lot people want to debate.” Tatum said, “I suppose you just commented on the superstar, whatever that means. There's a lot of debate about whether he's a superstar or not. I would like to know how that happened. Was that something I tweeted? Was it ever true that I said I was a superstar and I am on the verge of becoming one? This never happened to me.

“It's been an enormous deal over the past year and a quarter or two years. It's something I see all the time. It's been there since childhood. I have a question in my mind. Who spoke for me? Why was that so important?

Tatum's personal growth as a player is a part of the discussion. Tatum and the Celtics were able to pass through three Hall of Fame future Hall of Famers in Antetokounmpo (Durant), Antetokounmpo (Bobby) and Butler to reach this point – which included two 7-game series with the Philadelphia Eagles. Milwaukee Bucks And Miami Heat In the Eastern Conference semifinals & finals.

Tatum won the Larry Bird Trophy for the Eastern Conference Finals' Most Valuable Player. He had an average of 25 points, 8.3 rebounding and 5.6 assists in seven games against Heat. He scored 30 and 46 points during two wins on the road in the Bucks series. Even when he was struggling, he still found ways of contributing. For example, he had 13 assists and scored 12 points on 3-for-17 shots in Boston's win over Golden State.

He's also prevented the Celtics losing two consecutive games at any point during these playoffs. Boston did this once before, in January when half their team was absent from Toronto for the second leg of a back to back.

He stated, “You can have an awful day at work and the next day you want a better day at your job.” I think everyone can understand that. If you lose a game or aren't playing well, you want to be better.

“I think everyone can relate to this, regardless of what job you have. It's all about the same.

It's different from being just three games away of a NBA championship for Tatum's first time in his career.

Boston must focus on the ball in order to achieve this goal. They are 13-2 when the Celtics have 15 turnovers per game or less in the playoffs, as they did in Game 1 in the NBA Finals. Boston, however, is 0 if they have 16 turnovers or more like they did in Game 2.

Tatum stated that “Turnovers” are an important part of the game. Tatum said that Tatum was shocked at how many times they had turned the ball over and how many points they were able to score off it. You can think of a way to limit the number of turnovers and limit the amount of points you score.

“Yeah, I get it. We don't just turn the ball over. We give ourselves a better chance of winning. It's not rocket science. It's simply a matter if you do it more often than others.

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