Jayson Tatum, Jaylen brown are behind Boston Celtics’ bounceback performance in Game 2 victory over Milwaukee Bucks

BOSTON — The Boston Globe reports that the CelticsTheir stars were most needed, and they both delivered. Jaylen BrownThings are moving along, and Jayson TatumIt was done.

Boston's physicality didn't match that of the Milwaukee BucksIn Game 1 of the East semifinal series, on Sunday, the Celtics were a completely different team. They controlled the game right from the beginning tip and led wire-to-wire in a win of 109 to 86.

Brown stated that “We knew we had the responsibility to show up and play like it was our season on the line.”

Brown finished the game with a record 30 points and made a playoff-high six 3-pointers. His leadership set the tone for the team as they sought to rebound after a disappointing Game 1.

Ime Udoka, Celtics coach said that they adjusted well. “We learned a lot from Game 1 and knew that we didn't respond in the right way to the game. We haven't been so outmuscled this year, despite being two big teams. My guys took pride in it and that made us confident that we would succeed tonight.

Brown led the charge, scoring a playoff-record 25 points in halftime. Brown was crucial in Boston's opening 18-3 lead, and he never looked back.

“It's playoffs. Brown stated that survival of the fittest is what Brown meant. Every game is important.

The Celtics only made 10 two-point field goals in Game 1. This is a low number for either a regular-season or playoff game. Udoka complained about the team's straying from the mid range game. This wasn't the case Tuesday as Brown made three mid-ranges in the first half to set the tone.

Udoka stated that he had spoken to Tatum and Brown about this before the game.

Udoka explained that they knew these were open. “You don’t have to drive through the bigs and grab the three only. We have two very elite mid-range shooters, and we are happy to take those shots when they are back in the drop.

Celtics forward Grant WilliamsBrown said that he knew before the game even started that Brown would have a great night.

Williams stated, “I saw it in his eyes.” “So at game's start, I was like, “All right, do what you want” and we were cheering and supporting. He set the tone for aggression and aggression on the offensive, taking open shots and also moving the ball.

Brown led the charge early on, but Tatum was there to take care of the ball late. Tatum scored 19 of his 29 points during the second half.

Tatum, like Williams, said that he knew Brown would be ready for a big evening coming into the game. He knew his team was capable of rebounding.

Tatum stated, “We were frustrated with how we played last week's game and we knew we had to do better.” “It's that simple.

While the Celtics were a great defense, they did a better job making Bucks' lives difficult. Giannis Antetokounmpo. He finished with 28 points, but was only 11-of-27 from field and 5-of-9 at the line.

Mike Budenholzer, Bucks Coach, stated that the Celtics' Defenders deserve credit for protecting him throughout the night.

Budenhozer explained, “The guys on his, they're solid and good, great defenders, and then quite some help.” He needs to feel the difference. Do we kick it to get more 3s, or do we finish against one-on-1 defense? It's a mix of both. Giannis, however, is always able to figure things out.”

Antetokounmpo told a reporter Budenholzer's words about trying to figure things out. He said, “I try. I try to figure things out.”

“It's in the playoffs. Antetokounmpo indicated that it was obvious they would be more physical. “They will be more physical. There won't be many fouls called. However, there will be more active and disciplined play. At the end of it all, the mentality doesn't change. You have to keep working hard, find solutions to make the game yours. Make great plays. Find your teammates and get in the game. “No matter what they do, our mindsets and our team's mindsets cannot change.”

Boston managed to do defensively without the NBA’s 2021-22 Defensive Players of the Year. Marcus SmartHe was left out due to a right-side quad contusion. The Celtics hope he'll be back in the lineup with three days between Game 2 and Game 3.

Brown is still recovering from a lingering hamstring strain. Udoka said that Brown was being pulled a minute early than the rest of the starters because Boston was leading 99-86 with 2 minutes to go. Brown had already played 38 minutes. Brown stated that his hamstring was feeling fine and that he will be ready for Game 3. Injuries are something that every player must deal with at this stage in the season.

Brown stated that the playoffs are all that matters. “Everybody has to do what they have to do to ensure we are ready to perform. Everyone has nagging injuries and things to deal with at this time of the year. It's up to you to mentally and physically overcome it and then to just get it done.

Brown said that the Celtics had been swept by the Wizards and this was their first real test in the playoffs. Brooklyn NetsIn the first round, Tatum was interested in how the team would react. Tatum was positive that the team would respond positively.

Tatum stated, “Every game isn’t going to be perfect.” “We're facing the defending champs. They punched in the first game. From a competitiveness standpoint, I knew we would be ready tonight. Adjustments from one game to the next, that's what playoffs are all about.

Jamal Collier from ESPN contributed to this report.

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