Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics is ready for a new bounce after scoring just once in Game 1.

SAN FRANCISCO Boston Celtics Star Jayson Tatum He stated that he isn’t worried about his Game 1 3-for-17 shooting performance. It’s not the first time he has had a poor game, and that he believes he will bounce back in Game 2.

Tatum told us that once you have done something before you can respond to it. This was after Saturday's practice at Chase Center, just in time for Game 2 on Sunday. “I've had some terrible shooting nights in the NBA. It's like saying, “I've been here before.” I know what I should do next.

“I believe a lot of it's mental. It shouldn't creep into your head. I can't change what happened in the last game. It was unfortunate that I missed those shots. It's all about preparation and getting ready for the next.

Tatum has proven that he is capable of rebounding throughout the playoffs. Tatum has been below 33 percent twice, going 5-for-16 in Boston and scoring 19 points in the second round. Brooklyn Nets and went 4-for-19, scoring 10 points in Game 3 with the Boston Celtics. Milwaukee Bucks.

Then, he responded with 39 points against Brooklyn and 30 against Milwaukee.

Tatum was not happy with his shot in Game 1 but he was pleased with how he moved the ball. Tatum's playmaking was a big storyline throughout the season. This is because it is an area coach Ime Udoka stressed to Tatum that he wanted to see improve after he took control of the team last year.

Tatum used what Golden State's defense allowed him in Game 1 to get 13 assists, compared to only two turnovers.

Tatum scored 12 points and said that he had more assists than points in his last game. “I feel like I make the right play more often than I don't.” It's really not worth thinking about. It's not a lot of shots. I feel like I miss more shots than I make.

“I don't lose sleep over it. We won. That was the most important. It's the Finals. It's the Finals that really matters. I am aware that I have to improve my game. It's impossible to shoot like this every game, but I hope we win. I hope to improve my shooting, but let's just do our part to win. That is what I intend to continue doing. Simply read the game and each play. That's how I approach my next game.

Golden State has never given up on open perimeter looks during the playoffs. Their 130 wide-open 3-pointers permitted are the third most in any postseason since 2014. Second Spectrum's tracking data shows that this is the most in these playoffs.

Tatum was able to take advantage of this opportunity and more throughout Game 1. He also played a role in Boston's fourth quarter comeback by hitting 6 3-pointers. Tatum said that he believes Golden State is doing no different to what any other team did in the postseason against him.

Tatum stated, “I'm sure that they don't want to me just playing one-on-one.” Tatum said, “Show a crowd and bring help.”

“I felt like there were a lot of open eyes just because I was getting kick-outs and such. However, I believe that part of the game plan was making me a player and not allowing me to be complacent. It's something I feel every team has done more or less throughout the playoffs. It's not something that is new.

Tatum is optimistic that Tatum will bounce back. However, the Celtics hope they can manage prosperity well, something they have struggled with throughout the postseason. Boston is currently 8-2 in the playoffs on the road, but the Celtics are now 3-3 in the games after a win over Milwaukee.

The Celtics have stated repeatedly that they must play with the same urgency after wins as they do after losses. Tatum said this again going into Game 2, after Boston's dramatic fourth-quarter comeback in Game 1 gave them a 1-0 lead.

Tatum said, “It wasn’t so much me and what to do.” It's about what they need to do, how they need to prepare, how they will respond and the adjustments they need to make. We must be prepared, not relax because we are at 1-0.

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