Jeanie Buss, Los Angeles Lakers CEO, gets advice from Phil Jackson and Magic Johnson about how to make ‘hard decisions’

Jeanie Buss is not happy about the fact that Jeanie Buss was there Los Angeles LakersAren't in playoffs. However, the CEO and President of the team said that she had listened to input from many familiar faces such as Phil Jackson, Magic Johnson, and yes, LeBron James• How the team can get there.

“If we don't live up to the Lakers standard of excellence, I will absolutely look at everything.” Buss told the Los Angeles TimesInterview published Tuesday. “I will make hard decisions because that's what it takes to be successful,” he said.

The Lakers lost the playoffs with a record of 33-49, and the team that had the fourth-highest payroll in the NBA fired Frank Vogel in April. The general manager Rob Pelinka will be the main point man in the search for a replacement. However, ESPN sources said that Jackson, Buss, and longtime advisor Kurt Rambis are also being considered. are a significant part of the conversationsTo vet candidates.

Jackson, the Hall of Fame coach won five of his 11 NBA championships in his two stints with the Lakers. Buss was also his ex-boyfriend.

Buss explained to the LA Times that people see him around town and have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's not romantic. “He is somebody who understands this environment and knows the difficulties I face and wants to see Lakers success, so he has somebody I can trust.

Johnson, the legendary Hall of Fame player for the team. hastily stepped down as Lakers president in 2019Buss has also been a target of insinuations about “backstabbing” during this period.

Buss responded to the LA Times when she was asked if Johnson's advice was still being followed.

Buss said that the Lakers are very important to Buss. He wants them to win the playoffs and wants to be the best.” “I know he is serious about this, and I trust him. And… our relationship is as great as it has ever been.”

Buss stated that James is also her star player and she is looking for input. She hopes James will be happy enough to continue with the Lakers.

Buss stated to the LA Times that it is normal for top players to bounce things off of other players. “I think it's smart business.”

Buss however made it clear that she still believes in the Lakers.

“Do they have ultimate say?” Buss replied “No” when Buss was asked if LeBron or Klutch Sports were running the Lakers. Are they running the team?” “No, they aren't. I am the controlling owner of Los Angeles Lakers. Every decision I make here is my responsibility.”

Pelinka has been with the team since 2017 and is now accountable for that.

Buss stated to the LA Times that he has complete faith in Rob Pelinka's front office when it comes to basketball decisions. He is smart and strategic. Everything he does is thoughtful, with purpose. … He can create a roster and find the right coach to help us get back to our roots. I am confident in his ability to do that.”

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