Jeffery Simmons does not practice at Tennessee Titans minicamp, but says his focus isn’t on my contract. – Tennessee Titans Blog

NASHVILLE (Tenn.) — One of the most important players in the Tennessee Titans The team's mandatory minicamp Tuesday was without him.

However, Titans defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons Mike Vrabel reported that the franchise cornerstone was “unavailable to participate” in either the minicamp or the practice.

“He’s doing exactly what we ask him to do,” Vrabel said Wednesday. “I make a lot of decisions. I get to decide who’s practicing and who doesn’t.”

Simmons announced Wednesday that he is currently working with a team to manage his contract so he can be more focused on the field. Simmons is expected to make $4.02million in his fourth season of his rookie contract. He is also set to earn an additional $4.02million this season. Also, the Titans opted for Simmons' $10.75m fifth-year option.

“When it's time for the contract talk, I don't want to be a part of it,” Simmons said. “My job is to focus on football right now and be in the best shape I can be when I report for training camp. My contract is not my focus. That's why I have a team in place to focus on contract talk or whatever it may be if there is talk.”

Simmons did some conditioning on Tuesday, and then did some sprints using resistance bands Wednesday. Terrell Williams, defensive-line coach, stated that Simmons will be filming minicamp. He also said that Simmons won't miss practice due to injury.

According to the Titans, they're looking at film to see if Simmons can improve. The defense of Tennessee is trying to get more takeaways, and that starts with the quarterback.

His goal is to improve his footwork and be more disruptive. Simmons was 295 lbs when he checked in to minicamp. This is a decrease from his 312-pound playing weight last summer.

Simmons stated, “Playing in trenches, all those weight on your joints… takes a toll.” “It will help me in the future to keep my weight consistent and not get too fat.” Lightness makes me feel good. I feel strong but not as strong as myself. [pounds] It will allow me to help my team in the best possible way by remaining healthy.”

Simmons' last season was a great year. He had 8.5 sacks, 12 tackles loss, and 16 quarterback hits. Simmons also had six passes down at the line-of-scrimmage.

Despite losing to Cincinnati Bengals Simmons' three-sack performance in the divisional round was still impressive.

Simmons's team will handle his contract negotiations, but Simmons isn't ready to say who will be his agent. Simmons' uncle Jason Hatcher, a 2003 third-round draft pick by the Dallas CowboysThroughout his life, he has been a mentor and has been an integral part of the learning process.

Simmons is expected to command a substantial sum when contract negotiations take place. Recent changes in the market for defensive-linemen have resulted in a resurgence of interest. Aaron Donald To remain with the organization, he signed a $95 million, three-year contract. Los Angeles Rams.

Simmons said, “I am my own player.” “I feel that I play the game differently than Aaron Donald, or whoever it may be. His disruptive style is unlike any other. While I view myself as a different player from him, my job for the Tennessee Titans is to be Jeffery Simmons the best I can.

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