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FRISCO Texas — It comes to the NFL draft. Dallas CowboysIt is wise to remember Jerry Jones' words, “Just because I said it doesn't mean it's so.”

Following the Cowboys' announcement on Wednesday, first-of-its-kind crypto partnership with Blockchain.comAccording to the owner/general manger, he was open to the possibility of moving up in this draft. The Cowboys picked Nos. 24, 56 and No. 88 in the three first rounds.

Jones stated, “I would trade up, since we're as low as possible in the first two, three rounds. If we had a chance and someone we truly coveted was sitting at bottom, I would,” Jones added. “If [a Travis]Frederick was sitting at the bottom. We were able to trade up and get them.

Jones was not asked if Jones could see the Cowboys trading up, but he almost always answered yes.

You don't have to limit your options when it comes down to the draft.

However, their free-agency strategy could offer an opportunity to actually keep those picks. We'll get to that in a moment.

Jones made 72 draft-day tradings during his tenure as general manager and owner.

Two spots were traded by the Cowboys in the first round of the Cowboys' last year. Philadelphia EaglesThey also picked up an additional third-round selection. They were eventually awarded linebacker Micah ParsonsNo. 10 overall and defensive end Chauncey GolstonIn the third round.

Thanks to an intra-division deal with the Eagles, the Cowboys were able to move up in the draft in 2020. They traded fifth-round picks from 2020 and 2021 in order to get into the fourth round. Tyler BiadaszLast year, he was the first to start every game.

They made their last move in the top three draft rounds in 2014, when they decided to give up second- and third-round selections for the Draft. Washington CommandersTo take (hey, another NFC East Trade) DeMarcus LawrenceAt No. 34 overall.

Jones mentioned the Frederick trade when the Cowboys moved from No. 18 to No. After picking up an additional third-rounder from The, 31 total San Francisco 49ers. The Cowboys got lucky with the Frederick trade, as he was the last offensive-lineman they would have chosen to use a first round selection that year. This was because they knew they had to fill a gap on their roster.

The Cowboys shocked everyone by climbing from No. 1 to No. 2 a year earlier, in 2012. 14 to No. 6 to take Morris Claiborne who was their most-rated cornerback since Deion Bernier, Jones said. Claiborne was the result of them giving up their first-and second-round picks, which they had to give to the St. Louis Rams.

In recent years, the Cowboys attempted to trade into the first round for players. They tried to trade in the first round for Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch in 2016, but were defeated by the Denver Broncos. Jones was shocked for the first two draft days. The Cowboys then lucked their ways into Jones's heart. Dak PrescottA fourth-round compensatory choice.

The trade (or not-trade) results were great (not getting Lynch and getting Parsons), good(Lawrence), bad (Claiborne wasn't up to expectations), but will the Cowboys be truly active with nine draft picks?

The salary cap might force them to keep these picks. When it comes to cap, the Cowboys are a high-cap team. The 2022 cap will be $123 million higher than the top 10 cap numbers. Prescott's cap number will continue to rise, and future restructures are unlikely to create much more space. As will guard Zack MartinUnless he signs an extended agreement, that is. Even if they leave. Ezekiel ElliottThe cap will still include the running back even after the guaranteed money clause is completed. Same applies for offensive tackle Tyron Smith.

They could also make deals to send them money. CeeDee LambCorner Trevon DiggsParsons and Parsons will be among the most highly paid in their respective positions after the 2022 seasons. After their third season, players aren't eligible to be extended.

The Cowboys' four fifth-round picks for this year have been a great help when minimum salaries are being balanced.

In other words, Cowboys could trade up in the next couple of weeks.

They might not, however.

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