Jets send Zach Wilson to ‘quarterback rehab’ — is there a path for his return? New York Jets Blog

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — A dethroned Zach Wilson He stood in front of his colleagues Wednesday in a packed meeting room. apologized for last Sunday's news-conference fumble The one that made him a national symbol of lack of accountability. The New York Jets‘ former starting quarterback’s mea culpa Included a promise to your teammates.

Cornerback: “He's going do everything he can win his starting job back.” D.J. Reed ESPN. “He made it very clear.”

But is this realistic?

The Jets made an extremely loud statement Wednesday by changing their quarterback. They stated that for the first-time they are prepared to live in a world where Wilson is not there. They drafted him No. He was drafted 2nd overall in May 2021 and has been their everything. He's their third-stringer after 20 unimpressive starts.

Robert Saleh, who is known for turning negatives into positives and his strength, said that he will make sure Wilson plays again this season. Talk about a warm vote of confidence Mike WhiteThe new QB1. The only way this can happen is if the Jets (6-4), fall out of playoff contention. Why would they want to yank White, if White keeps them in the race?

Saleh gave Wilson a bone, who ranks 35th in Total QBR (36.6) over the past two season, opening the door to a possible quarterback controversy. This, naturally, is the microview on this complex and large quarterback change. The macroview is: Will Wilson be the new quarterback for the organization in 2023, or will they entrust Wilson to the team?

Although it is reasonable to wonder about what the future holds, Saleh cautioned reporters to not jump to conclusions.

“[I] just want to make sure you all listen to this carefully, please: Zach’s career here is not over,” Saleh said. “I know that’s going to be the narrative. I know that’s what everybody wants to shout out, and that’s not even close to the case.”

Saleh and Joe Douglas, Wilson's general manager, are closely tied to Wilson. This gives them a stake in Wilson's development. Many coaches and front-office personnel are afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Douglas and Saleh may not be the type we are looking for, but it's something we will discover in the offseason. They have a big decision ahead of them.

The Jets are a win-now team with some interesting parts. They only need a solid quarterback to be considered contenders in 2023. It will be difficult to get it back with Wilson and him alone unless Wilson becomes a productive starter in the last few weeks.

They won't draft another quarterback as it would be a new start. The franchise is already established with 2018. 3rd overall pick Sam Darnold Wilson. This situation would call for a veteran, such as the San Francisco 49ersJimmy GaroppoloHe will be a free agent. Saleh has known Garoppolo since his time in San Francisco.

But, the question is: Could they keep Wilson? And Garoppolo, or any other top-free agent, should be a long-term commitment. Pair Wilson with a middle of the road quarterback, i.e. A bridge situation? It was only two years since Darnold was traded. Carolina Panthers Douglas could have many options after his 38-year run with New York. Wilson was the result.

Wilson, the organization's third-stringer, is expected to be humbled by the demotion. They gave him the job as his first job, with no competition, a year ago. It was this. fait accompli Saleh did not announce Wilson as his starter, but it was understood.

The Jets rescued Wilson from a difficult patch last season when he threw nine interceptions in five of his first five starts. added his personal quarterback coach According to one source, Wilson was Wilson's “babysitter” and he was recognized by the coaching staff. Former quarterback-turned-analyst Ryan Fitzpatrick recently called the staff addition “a giant red flag. “That scares me a bit.

Wilson might find it a wake-up call and be able to conduct soul searching in a stress-free setting. After refusing any responsibility for his team's pathetic performance against the enemy, the apology to fellow teammates was a positive start. New England Patriots They suffered a 10-3 loss and only managed 103 yards total offense.

Reed stated that Wilson's address to his team was appropriate given the current situation.

Wilson needs to win back the trust of his team. Wilson described the demotion as a “humbling occasion” to work on his game. His mechanics are in disarray. Saleh acknowledged this and said that his mechanics are a mess. Wilson, a coach, and Saleh himself admit that his footwork can be sloppy. Wilson isn't always able to set his feet properly and throws with his back foot. He makes too many missed layup throws. He looks at the oncoming rushers when he is under pressure and instead of focusing his attention downfield.

Saleh stated, “The problems for him are so fixable but I think that he just needs be able to reset those things to get them fixed.”

Wilson will go into QB rehab in a couple of weeks. Or longer. It's really hard to know. This is the most important thing: The Jets' quarterback forecast is mostly cloudy.

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