Jimmy Butler is the Miami Heat’s driving force, whether it’s for good or bad.

MIAMI — Jimmy ButlerIt is well worth the drama.

However, that is not exactly how Erik Spoelstra described Butler's game on Tuesday evening. The Miami HeatAfter leading his team to success, coach was his usual calm self. 118-107 victoryThe Boston CelticsButler's greatness fueled them to take a 1-0 lead at the NBA Eastern Conference finals.

Spoelstra stated that “if you're driven to competition, and the stakes are raised, you're going be raising your level of play.” Spoelstra spoke after Butler created a stunning 41-point, ninerebound, five assist, four-steal and four-steal masterpiece.

He knows that this level of competition is very high-level. He senses it. He was able produce and put us into a position where we could feel comfortable in order to win this game.”

In March, Butler had driven Spoelstra over the edge. a sideline outburstDuring a game against Golden State WarriorsButler yelled at him, “I've known you were crazy all my life!” As the argument spilled onto court,

Spoelstra knew Butler was maniacal for a long time. He is a master of his craft, his intensity, and his way of needleing teammates and coaches. His passion for winning can drive him to amazing feats.

It wasn't clear what the outcome of the crossroads moment would look like for Butler in the 48 hours following the outburst. This moment can now be called galvanizing. Since, the Heat are 15-6. The Heat are currently the No. 1 seed in the East, and they are just three wins away from the Finals.

Spoelstra was a close friend, and he had never been seen like that. Not just the outburst in the huddle but also the dark brooding that he did for the remainder of the quarter. He almost stopped coaching while he managed his fury.

After three seasons of give-and take with Spoelstra, Butler finally found the line after three seasons. It was not just a moment of Butler verbally pushing back at Spoelstra, but a long process.

Sources within the team claimed that Spo was “exasperated”.

Sources say that even Butler, who is known for creating conflict in his team's lives, wondered if this was a breaking-point. Spoelstra was back in action two days later, having missed a game due to an unrelated personal matter.

Butler was relieved as was the rest the team. They began over because Butler is worth it at the end the day and end of the season.

He brings more, especially in a playoff setting. This is the NBA way. It has always been that way. The Heat is a team that thrives on holding its players to high standards and not being afraid of problems. It can be a bit more difficult at times, but it's true.

After the Heat had lost 13 points in the first quarter, Butler didn't hesitate to challenge his coach Tuesday night. In the final moments of the game, the Heat had taken the lead. Butler took two chances to steal the ball.

It might have been a sign of momentum and easy baskets for Celtics if he missed them. But Butler didn't, picking off Jayson TatumHe made passes and hit a 3 pointer and a dunk to make the most of his 17 points for the quarter.

Butler stated that Spo does not like me and doesn't like when I gamble. “Fortunately, I was 2-for-2 in those shoot-the-gap passes lanes. They don't come to me all the time and you can then see him take a look at them.”

Because Butler trusts his instincts, and because Spoelstra has given him a line credit, even though it occasionally dips into red, he does it. Spoelstra is able to give Butler some latitude, even though it sometimes frustrates him. He knows Butler is the driving force behind Miami’s pursuit of a title.

He was present in the last series against Philadelphia 76ersIn Game 1, Butler scored 27.5 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists, an average of 27.5. In Game 1, he was once again the driving force.

Spoelstra stated that the two steals “kind of changed momentum”, despite not being fazed at their violation of his preferred protocol. Jimmy was there to capture every pocket and control in the game, whenever we needed to get the right shot or make a decision.

Sometimes, Butler's fingerprints end up on Spolestra's wine glasses as a result of his attempts to unwind. Spoelstra would often visit his office after losing, back when he was still learning his way as a coach. Riley would choose a bottle and they would sip silently.

Spoelstra, who was also named as one of 15 top NBA coaches, was honored with the league's 75th Anniversary celebration. Spoelstra (51) has a great chance of becoming the next national team coach. He is at the top his profession and likely in his prime coaching years.

Butler can still push him up a wall. He can even get him closer to a championship by doing it to the Celtics.

Butler said, “I want people to run into me and see who falls down first.” “It's the kind of basketball that I like to play.”

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