Jose Canseco’s vehicle? A VHS tape of Happy Gilmore? Betty White signed baseball? Auctions are not just for T206 Honorus Wagner cards

It is not always the most sought-after rookie card, or the PSA 10 that has seen its value skyrocket that sports memorabilia sells at auction. Many collectors are looking for rare, unusual or off-the-beaten-path items.

You don't see many items in auction houses every day so let us take a look at recent sales of unique memorabilia from the sports world.

+eBay put up for sale a 1999 Acura NSX that had been converted to look like a Lamborghini. Jose Canseco, an ex-MLB star, was believed to own the Acura. vehicle sold on April 26With 22 bids, you can get $126.100

+Jim Irsay is an Indianapolis Colts owner who has collected some rare items. He loves guitars and has many instruments that belonged Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and other well-known musicians.

On May 12, Irsay tweeted that he had purchased a signed baseball from Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president. It was signed by Zelenskyy in New York in 2019. was purchased by Irsay50,103 will be paid and a portion of the proceeds goes to Ukraine

+Happy Gilmore, a classic Adam Sandler film about a not-so great hockey player who discovers his talent for golf is one of the most iconic. This comedy was released in 1996. A sealed copy of the movie is available. VHS tape just soldGoldin Auctions, $360 It was graded 9.4 by VHSDNA. There were eight bids during this auction.

+Betty White, a beloved actress who died in December, was a loved one. Betty White was loved by all, so why not purchase a baseball with her autograph? This is what one buyer did at Goldin. the signed ball soldFor $240, five bids.

+ Cincinnati RedsFirst baseman Joey VottoHe was on a rehabilitation assignment and played for the Louisville Batsminor league team. He was present when the Bats wore Marvel’s Dr. He was there when the Bats wore Marvel's “Dr. Strange” uniforms that featured a huge picture of Dr. The front of the uniform has the words “Strange” written in large letters.

This one hasn't sold yetIt is currently $530 at, with six days remaining.

+People born in the 1980s or 90s were thrilled by Super Bowl LVI's halftime show. Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Mary Dre, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige all performed. Heritage Auctions was able to obtain a signed football from most of the performers that night.

The football sold on May 13For $16,200, which includes the buyer’s premium.

+Who doesn't recall Charlie Brown trying to throw a ball or kick a football, but being stopped by Peppermint Patty. Heritage Auctions sold the signed baseball of Charles Schulz, Peanuts creator.

Schulz has also drawn a picture of Charlie Brown onto the ball. sold on May 13For $24,000

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