Josh Boyer, the Miami Dolphins’ new coach Mike McDaniel, will continue to serve as defensive coordinator

MIAMI – The DolphinsHead coach Mike McDaniel announced Friday that Josh Boyer, the defensive coordinator, will be retained for the 2022 season. This opens the door for McDaniel's third season as head coach.

Boyer arrived in Miami as a coach under Brian Flores, who was then the head coach. Boyer was a 12 year member of the Miami Dolphins before he arrived in South Florida. New England PatriotsAs a defensive assistant and defensive backs coach.

The Dolphins were eighth in defensive expected point added in 2021, but they led the NFL in this category for the last nine weeks. Over the past two seasons, Boyer's defenses also accounted for the fourth most turnovers in the league.

McDaniel is currently assembling his defensive team, but McDaniel said that he decided to keep Boyer as a staff member after meeting with him this past week.

“You learn that you can't do it if it's not broken.” [you don't fix it]McDaniel said that. “There are also relationships that players have with each other. There's the scheme itself and there's human relationships. Before I made the decision to hire Josh, I spent a lot of time with him. These things all contribute to Josh's success, and I also rely on the people who hired me to be in his building. This isn't something you can just say “Just keep him,” because you don't want to look into things. It is a carefully considered decision, and the proof is in it. This is a defense that was ranked in the top 10 last year and I wouldn't want to face.

“If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.”

McDaniel's offensive-minded team is being assembled by Wes Wes Wes. While the Dolphins do not have an offensive coordinator, McDaniel is joined by Jon Embree (49ers tight ends coach) and Wes Welker (wide receivers coach).

McDaniel stated, “It was the people that we brought that really would help me as a head coach or a playcaller.” “But, they're both coaches I know exactly what they will get. The development of players and their accountability is what I consider the most important thing we can do.

McDaniel mentioned Embree's experience as a head coach at Colorado and noted that “almost all of his players have had their career year under Embree.” McDaniel noted that Embree is able to hold players responsible, which gives him less to worry about as a coach. Welker, who was a Dolphins player from 2004 to 2006 will assume the same role as he did with the 49ers, and also take on the additional responsibility for developing the Dolphins' passing strategy.

“I'm very excited about where he's at in his career. McDaniel stated that it was his first job when he arrived in San Francisco. “It's an important part of the whole process of becoming a coach. It's going to a new place and learning how to manage it. It was clear that Wes was ready to move on.”

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