Josh Lambo, who allegedly sued the Jacksonville Jaguars over more than $3.5 Million, claims Urban Meyer created an hostile work environment

JACKSONVILLE FL. — Former Jaguars kicker Josh LamboOn Tuesday, the team filed a lawsuit claiming that Urban Meyer, former head coach, created a hostile working environment. The suit seeks more than $3.5million in lost salary and other damages. the Tampa Bay Times is reporting.

According to the lawsuit filed in Duval County's 4th Judicial Circuit Court, Lambo's performance was affected by Meyer's verbal and physical abuse. It claims Meyer threatened to release Lambo if Lambo spoke out in his defense. Florida law prohibits employers from striking employees and threatening to strike again.

When the Jaguars were contacted, they referred to a December statement shortly after Lambo made his allegations public. Counsel offered to speak with Josh and to assist him in speaking with coaches or other personnel of football if he was happy to do so. Any suggestion of the contrary is patently false.”

According to a Dec. 15, Tampa Bay Times report, Lambo claims Meyer kicked him in Meyer's leg while he was practicing warm-ups prior to a practice on the last preseason game. Lambo stated Meyer told him that Meyer told him to “Hey Dips —, do your f—ing kicks!” He kicked him in his leg. Lambo called the kick a five out 10 kick, and then told the newspaper that Meyer had told him to “Don't ever f—ing Kick me again!” Lambo claimed Meyer said to him that Meyer was the head coach of the ball team. I'll kick your f— whenever I want.”

According to the lawsuit, Lambo told Richard Irvin about the incident. Irvin then notified Jaguars legal counsel the next day.

Lambo had missed two kicks in preseason but made both of his field goals in Dallas' final preseason match. Lambo failed to make all three of his field goals in the two regular-season games against Houston, Denver, and Seattle.

Lambo missed two punts against Arizona in Week 3. Matt Wright was the Jaguars' kicker starting in Week 4. The Jaguars won 23-20 thanks to Wright's field goals of 54 yards and 53 yards with just 3:45 remaining. Miami DolphinsOn Oct. 17, in London The Jaguars' 20-game losing streak was ended, making it the longest in NFL history.

Lambo was released Oct. 19 by the Jaguars

According to the Times the lawsuit alleges that Lambo suffered from verbal and physical abuse. Lambo was cut by the San Diego Chargers before the 2017 season, but he made 81.3% field goal attempts between 2015-16. Lambo signed with Jaguars on October 2017, and he made 95% his field goal attempts through 2020. He also went 12-for-13 from 50 yards.

Lambo played only four games in 2020, before being put on injured reserve due to a hip injury. Aldrick RosasOne of six Jaguars' kickers in 2020 to replace Lambo, he was also a participant in a competition for training camp in 2021 with Lambo before Rosas was released on July 30.

Lambo still holds the Jaguars record for being the most accurate kicker (91.6%).

According to the Times lawsuit, Lambo seeks a jury trial. He would like to receive back his 2021 salary and compensation for emotional stress, reputational damage, and legal fees. Lambo was to be paid $3.5 million in 2021. He was also guaranteed that amount as a vested veteran who has more than four years experience. Lambo was set to earn $4,000,000 in 2022 when he joined the Jaguars.

Lambo earned $14,000 while a member in the Pittsburgh SteelersThe Jaguars cut Meyer's practice squad in the last season. Meyer was fired by Meyer just before 1 a.m. ET on Dec. 16, after just 13 games. A statement from Shad Khan, the owner of the Jaguars, was released by the spokesman to The Associated Press stating that Meyer had been fired hours after Tennessee's 20-0 defeat.

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