Julian Salvi: Exeter Chiefs defense coach quits Premiership club

Julian Salvi
Julian Salvi was an ex-flanker for Leicester and Exeter, before he became a coach in 2018.

Julian Salvi, Exeter’s defence coach, has left the Premiership club.

The Chiefs have conceded 55 goals in 22 league games this year and currently sit fifth on the table in the race to earn a playoff spot.

After spending three years at Exeter, the Australian player, now 36, has joined the club’s coaching staff.

Rob Baxter, Exeter director for rugby, stated that “I’ve been looking to make some changes and bring in some new ideas within the coaching group.”

“Julian was in the situation that his contract was up at season’s end. After discussions with him, I have decided to make the change.

Julian was a tremendous player and coach. He has also been an outstanding clubman over the past seven decades.

“In the interim Haydn Thomas has been asked to coach our defence until the end. I will then look into options regarding where to go next with regard to this role within my first-team squad.

Salvi, a former flanker, helped the Chiefs win 2017’s Premiership title before retiring one year later.

While he was part the coaching team, Exeter reached three Premiership finals. He also won a domestic and European double.

They have lost 10 of 22 games this season and will need to win the final two matches to have any chance of reaching the play-offs. This is something they have done every year since 2016.

The Chiefs are one point behind Northampton in fourth place and are level with Gloucester in sixth. However, they have played more than either of them.

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