Jury convicts Jeff Gladney, ex-Minnesota Vikings CB on felony assault charges

Dallas jury finds former Minnesota Vikingscornerback Jeff GladneyThursday's felony assault charge was dismissed.

According to court records online, the verdict of the jury was unanimous.

Gladney, 25, was arrested in April last year in Dallas for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend. Indicted for domestic violence by impeding breath, he was accused of inflicting bodily harm and applying pressure on the neck and throat of his ex-girlfriend. In April last year, he was arrested in Dallas.

According to Gladney's ex-girlfriend, the altercation was the result of an argument that lasted more than two hours. Gladney filed a lawsuit against Gladney last year. In the suit, she also claimed that Gladney tried to intimidate and bribe her into silence.

He could have been sentenced to as much as 10 years imprisonment if he was convicted.

Gladney was indicted and the Vikings released him last August. Gladney, a 2020 first-round draft pick from TCU, played 15 games as a rookie for the Vikings.

This report was based on information from The Associated Press.

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