Justin Fields, QB, says that his mindset has changed in the second year with Chicago Bears

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – Chicago Bears quarterback Justin FieldsHe acknowledged that he felt different at the beginning of his second NFL offseason due to the uncertainty surrounding his status as the team's quarterback.

Fields said, “It feels great just having that mindset.” Fields stated, “It's definitely different than last year's mindset. I'm ready for this role and I'm prepared to lead this offense.

The Bears opened a three day voluntary minicamp Tuesday. Most of the offense was there. For the afternoon practice, quarterback was absent. Nick FolesRyan Poles, the general manager of Ryan Poles, stated that the team was “working towards” trading at the NFL owners meetings last month.

Matt Eberflus was impressed with Fields' command of offense. He also noted that Fields' footwork has improved, which will allow him to get to the ball quicker and get it out more quickly.

Eberflus declared, “I think he did an outstanding job today.” He did a great job. He was the offensive's leader, and he was on top of every play that I saw. While there are certain mistakes when working with 11 men, man, he had great command of the offense today.”

Chicago is nearing the one-year mark of Fields' selection in Fields 11th round in 2021 draft. Chicago has moved up nine places in the first round. Foles was the former Ohio State quarterback. Andy DaltonThe depth chart was updated throughout the offseason as well as training camp, but did not begin until Week 3, when Dalton suffered an injury.

Fields explained that “Last season was my rookie year of the league, my first in it, didn’t know if it was going on or not, so I don’t know if this was going be my year to start, or not. So my mindset right now, is completely different from last year.” Fields said, “I'm excited to get started.”

Eberflus noticed Fields' leadership qualities while he was in offensive meetings over the past few weeks. He is particularly confident when it comes to taking control of a new playbook.

Eberflus stated that Eberflus has a great sense of confidence. “When I am in the quarterback's room, (he) is) calling out plays and executing them. Then, if needed, we make adjustments to the play.

Since April 4, when the Bears began their offseason program, Fields has focused his primary attention on learning a new offense under Luke Getsy (who spent the previous three seasons in Green Bay). Fields has been learning about the basic principles of the offense and what is expected from him. He also began to modify certain aspects of his game.

The quarterback worked with Getsy on his footwork after dropping back in shotgun. Noting that he used to drop back with his right foot forward last season, he now drops back with his left foot in front. This is the routine for the Packers'.

Fields stated that it was just what they do in their offense. “It times it better when it comes to routes and stuff like this so that is why we do it.”

Fields has established himself as the starter for his second season. But he still faces the challenges of having to learn a brand new offense fast. Chicago will hold OTAs following the draft. The veteran minicamp will take place June 14-16. Before heading to training camp, Fields will be taking a break.

Fields stated, “It would be simpler if it were the same offense last year and we were just being able to grow on this.” “But, we kind of just re-set since our rookie year and learned this new offense. Then we just started to pick it up. This is going to be the hardest part of the new coaching system. We have to learn this new offense and make sure everyone understands it.

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