Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive end George Karlaftis, the Kansas City Chiefs’ in-round one-round pick, is’relentless.’ – Kansas City Chiefs blog

KANSAS City, Mo. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This is one reason why the Kansas City Chiefs selected defensive end George Karlaftis His energy was what made him stand out in the 2022 NFL draft. Karlaftis at Purdue was known for his speed, regardless of whether he was running to the quarterback or running back.

Karlaftis confirmed the habit during Chiefs' early offseason practices.

Andy Reid, coach, said that his athlete has been running 100 miles per hour since a recent practice session. “Walk-throughs, everything. He was slowing down.

“He's a good walker when he is in space. It seems like he's got great hands. However, that motor is likely what makes him jump out at you. He moves and moves.”

As they try to revive a unit that ranked 29th in NFL sacks, the Chiefs will need to have that energy from Karlaftis. Karlaftis had 26 career Purdue sacks.

Karlaftis described his play style as “relentless” “I chase the quarterback. I stop the run. I feel like I'm a three‐down player, I'm an all‐around player that can do anything and everything that's asked of him, so I think I bring that to the table. I feel extremely consistent. I feel that my best football is ahead. … I've only been playing football for 6 to 7 years. I'm excited to continue my development under a great program, great teammates, and great organization.

Karlaftis got a late start in football He was born in Greece and grew up there. When he was 13, he moved to the United States with his family and continues to grow in the game.

Karlaftis was a football player who found that he not only enjoyed the game but also excelled at it.

Karlaftis shared that my parents forced me to participate in almost every sport possible. You should work hard to find the one that you love. It's not very practical to devote your whole life to something that you can't do at the highest level every time you get out there.

Karlaftis, a football fan, said that she loves everything about the game. “I love the offseason. I love the mental and physically challenging chess games and the strain. I enjoy every play as a challenge.

“On top all else, you love your locker room,” right? You love the team bond and the friendship you have with your teammates, and all that goes with it.”

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