Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes said he was surprised at Tyreek Hill’s comments.

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes said he was surprised at Tyreek Hill's comments.

KANSAS City, Mo. — Patrick Mahomes Thursday's comments by Tyreek Hill A podcast was recently recorded in which he and the host were criticized. Chiefs.

Mahomes, who was completing their offseason program, said that “I'm surprised somewhat just because I feel like Tyreek loves here,” We've loved him since childhood. We still love him. He was at Formula 1 in Miami when I met him. I think it was because he was trying to get his podcast going and get it moving.

“I still love Tyreek. He is a unique player. It takes all of the team to coach Andy Reid's offense. This offense was already in motion before I came. This offense was in motion when I was young Cowboys fan and watched the Eagles (coached a Reid) beat the Cowboys. It's an offense that involves more than one player, and that includes me.

Hill, who averaged 86 receptions for 1,214 yards and 11 touchdowns during four seasons as Mahomes' Chiefs' starting quarterback, got traded to the Chiefs in March. Miami Dolphins.

Hill suggested Hill was interested in this topic recently his “It Needed To Be Said” podcast He was not utilized enough last season in Kansas City, and the Chiefs and Mahomes may struggle without him. Hill led the Chiefs in catches with 111, a record-breaking number for 2021.

He also stated that the Dolphins quarterback was his favorite. Tua Tagovailoa Mahomes is a better passer.

Mahomes stated that he hadn't spoken to Hill since the podcast.

Mahomes explained that he talked to Mahomes in May at Formula One in Miami and everything seemed fine. It's something that I know he wants to express. He loves Miami and his team. Tyreek was a great guy, and Tyreek is still my favorite. He wants to win.

“I feel that the coverages we were receiving (from) defenses weren't really accounting for him so (with the ball), we had to look elsewhere. He's a tough competitor and you want to make an impact on the games. He was keen to help us win and wanted the ball as much possible. It was not selfish. He was winning football games, especially towards the end of the season.

“It doesn’t get to me at any point. I don't think it matters if we win football games or we score points. I feel like I'm doing the right job. It doesn't necessarily have to be perfect accuracy or high completion rates. “As long as we score touchdowns and win Super Bowls, it's fine by me.

Reid didn't speak out about Hill's comments except to say that he loved Tyreek. He's a great kid. We are proud of him.

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