Kevin Durant fails again, Brooklyn Nets fall in 0-3 series against Celtics

NEW YORK — Brooklyn NetsStar forward Kevin DurantSaturday night, he admitted to having been “thinking way too much” during the first-round series. Boston CelticsThis has also been a factor in his poor playing.

Durant has been held to just 16 points, shooting 6-of-11 in a 109-103 defeat that left the Nets in a series hole of 0-3. Durant is currently shooting 36.5% (19 for 52) from the field in three consecutive losses against the Celtics. Durant has also struggled to find any rhythm in the face of Boston's persistent defense.

Durant stated, “I was thinking too much to tell the truth, this entire series.” “Like how you approach the game. “We have another game to play and another chance, and I look forward to it.”

Durant's average point score has dropped to 22 points after he scored over 30 points per contest in March and April. Durant has been challenged by the Celtics who have used every weapon available to slow him down.

Durant said that “I feel like I was trying too aggressively in the first two matches.” “A team that is trying to get me out of my actions, and that's loading me up on me. It felt like I was trying to force the second two games. However, I saw film that a lot my teammates were open and were making shots. I decided to play off my teammates and allow the offense to flow and let the ball find me.

Durant claimed that the Celtics' success against him has been partly due to their “more powerful” players. He expressed his regret after Saturday's loss and said that he didn't feel too focused on the floor the last time.

Durant stated that every team I've ever been on is just trying out the best ways to play. “When you have good teammates, you can figure out. I try to figure how I can best serve my teammates and not get in their way. Sometimes, I get too focused on it. Sometimes I need just to get out there. [have]Play without any thoughts in your head.

“I feel like I prepared myself well. It's about making small decisions during the game that might not work in my favor. I felt I was able to find my teammates more effectively than in the previous two games. It's just a matter of scoring more.

Durant, Nets coach Steve Nash, and his team were left looking for answers after Game 3. Nash said Durant's troubles could be attributed to “a little of everything”.

“Clearly, they are loading up on him and sending him bodies, being physically with him. … Nash suggested that it was the unforced turns. Kevin shouldn't go. We shot a good percent, and we moved the ball. It's the ones that we gave up. They're not making the right decisions, they aren't connecting, and they're moving in the opposite direction. To me, that's what has made the difference in all three of these games.”

Durant has made 12 turnovers in the three first games of this series. The Nets have committed 48 turnovers collectively. Veteran forward Blake GriffinThe Nets' spirit was not “right throughout the game” on Saturday, according to the team.

Nets guard: “I'm pretty certain K has had games where he hasn’t played as well or as often as he would like to,” Kyrie Irving said. “I have had games like those. … And that's not just the game of basketball. It's a game about averages, man. And I know that it can happen, even if a guy is coming in hot. Or there's a cold spell.

Irving continued, “But it is not time to hold on to your head or point fingers. It's time to go home and put the bulletproof vest on.

Durant played 46 minutes in Saturday’s loss. He is now averaging 43 minutes per game for the first three games. He refused to accept that the extra minutes were an excuse for his poor performance.

Durant said, “I don’t think fatigue sets in.” I feel great playing. I don't feel tired. My body isn't hurting. It's not my fault.

Durant was asked how he finds his rhythm. Durant replied that he could “maybe shot more.” Durant said that he doesn't need to find any motivation with the Nets just one game away from elimination.

Durant stated, “Man, it's clear what it is.” “I don't believe that any speech or other means of communication will be enough to make it happen at this point in the year. We lost 3-0. We'll be back on Monday.

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