Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets is doing on-court work to get closer to his return

MIAMI — Brooklyn NetsStar Kevin DurantAs he recovers from a left MCL injury that he sprain, he has been doing more on-court work, although there is still no set time. Coach Steve Nash stated Saturday.

Durant was able to join the Nets during their current road trip, the first since suffering the injury in Jan. Washington WizardsAnd Miami Heat. Nash stated that he is optimistic about Durant’s progress and that the former MVP has been doing more each day.

After Saturday's shootaround, Nash stated that “He's out on the court shooting and working through things, looking really great.” Although he still needs to complete some work before he can move on, he is feeling positive.

Sources indicated to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, that Durant would be out for four to six more weeks after the injury.

Nash stated that he's been on court for about a week. “Some of it is spot shots and working his way up into more dynamic movement. But that's the part he's in, and he's doing fantastic.”

The Nets are in dire need of help after losing 10 games in succession. Thursday's blockbuster dealThat sent James HardenAnd Paul MillsapTo the Philadelphia 76ersFor Seth Curry, Andre DrummondAnd Ben SimmonsAfter requesting a trade from Philadelphia, he has not played since. In the deal, the Nets received two first-round picks.

Curry and Drummond are currently in Miami, awaiting clearance to play. The Nets stated that it wouldn't be Saturday. It is likely that they will make their debut Monday against The Nets. Sacramento KingsMonday

While it's not yet clear when Simmons will make a debut, Curry and Drummond believe he will be ready when the time is right.

Curry stated that Simmons is “excited about the chance” “Excited to be back on the court. It is exciting to play again with some of my teammates. We'll get to see Ben, an exciting and energetic player. I look forward to being back on the court with Ben.”

Drummond also said, “I spoke with Ben [Friday]And the day before. He is still getting ready to play. We will take him back as soon as he is ready. We'd prefer him to get ready until then.

Nash also hopes that Simmons will arrive as the Nets wait. LaMarcus AldridgeHe will soon be back. Aldridge hasn't played since injuring his ankle in a Jan. 29, loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Nash stated that Aldridge was “days away” rather than weeks away.

Drummond believes that once the Nets are back to full strength, they will still be able to win this season's championship.

Drummond said, “We've got a great team.” “When everyone's healthy and can play together, I think that we're very dangerous down the stretch of playoffs. Do I believe this team is a contender for the championship? Absolutely. I don't know of any team who doesn't believe they can win a championship. “I think that with the team of guys here, we are more than capable and I don’t see why not.

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