Kevin Porter Jr.’s trash talking fuels Stephen Curry’s fourth-quarter explosion in win against the Houston Rockets

HOUSTON — The Houston Chronicle reports that the Houston Star-Times has republished the story for the second time in ten days. Houston RocketsThey were giving the Golden State WarriorsThey gave everything they had to fight for. For three quarters it seemed to be wearing down the Warriors.

However, the fourth one is even more important. Stephen Curry erupted. Golden State won 122 to 108 with 21 points from him in the final frame. All this began with Kevin Porter JrCurry trash talk:

Curry stated, “It's an enjoyable game within the game.” Curry said, “It's not my first time. It won't be my last.” It's a new level that I am trying to bring about. While you can always have it, you bring an extra level of competitiveness to your game when you're having fun with things like this. It's entertainment for me, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.

Curry was held to just 10 points in the second half, and had only made one 3-pointer. His splash brother, Klay ThompsonAlso, he had made only one of the three. Andrew WigginsHe finished with 17 points.

Curry was still waiting for the ball in the fourth quarter. Porter, however, took Curry's position with both his hands on his knees and he looked right over Curry.

The trash talking began. It was all one-sided. Porter never heard a word from Curry.

Steve Kerr, Warriors head coach, said that he encourages players to jar with Curry.

“I believe he's not bothered by it, to put it honestly.” Juan Toscano-Anderson said. He finds it funny. He's amazing. He's going to do what he does… What do you all think? Steph is going to Steph.”

Porter knew that just as well as anyone. So after the game, the third-year guard approached the two-time MVP to get his advice.

Porter told the Houston Chronicle that Porter went up to him and asked for pointers. “Being MVP, first unanimous is something I can learn from. This has been his passion for so many years. People become comfortable with his abilities. It isn't surprising. However, it's something you can learn from watching him play.

Curry shot 7-of-10 from beyond the arc in the fourth quarter, including 4-of-7 at three. Curry's 21 points in that quarter are the most he has scored in a quarter of the regular season. His career-high score in the fourth quarter was 23 in Game 6 in 2019 Western Conference Finals. The Rockets were also in that game.

Kerr stated, “We've seen Stpeh perform that a million of times.” Even though it took a few weeks, it was certain to happen. It's not surprising, but it's great to see him get up and play like he did.

Kerr mentioned that Curry's performance was a standout from January's turbulent month. However, there have never been any concerns.

Curry and Kerr had earlier in the day a conversation regarding Curry's shooting numbers. Curry was told by Kerr that he had never met a player with whom he would be hesitant to discuss shot selection.

Everyone at the Warriors is aware that Curry's shooting will be fine and that there's nothing more they can do but wait.

Houston's Monday night game is a good example.

Curry said, “You feel like the next shot will start that vibe like that.” Curry said, “Obviously, it is no secret how I have been shooting the ball lately. The confidence is like, it only takes one to spark a night like that during the fourth quarter.

Curry has always had a high level of confidence. This confidence is still evident during the slump. Curry approaches each game with the belief he will win and that his work and game will be recognized. Curry calls it “major even-keeled” approach.

Porter never doubted that he would get his shot no matter what. Porter's trash talk accelerated the process.

Curry stated that although Curry doesn't react to it, Curry does get a little adrenaline. Curry said, “I'll take whatever gas is necessary to get you from a low point.”

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