Kliff Kingsbury press Rams stars Aaron Donald & Cooper Kupp at Sean McVay’s Wedding

TEMPE, Ariz. — Arizona Cardinals Kliff Kingsbury could have been at Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay was at his wedding to celebrate the happy couple. However, that didn't mean that he would waste an opportunity to attack one of his most important NFC West rivals.

Kingsbury used his charm as a recruiter to try and convince the Rams to sign a defensive tackle. Aaron Donald He was ready to retire, the Cardinals coach explained on Thursday, his tongue in his cheek. Kingsbury said that he did his best while speaking to Donald. He has previously stated that he would have been. satisfied with his career If he did not get a new contract.

Kingsbury stated, “I told him he's accomplished everything he can do and it's great to go out on our own terms, all those things.” Kingsbury said that he tried to convince Rams receivers. Cooper Kupp To “stop taking that McVay Discount” and wait for a few more weeks to get a better deal,

Kingsbury noted that neither of these attempts worked. McVay married McVay on May 29, and both players were offered megadeals.

Donald's reworked deal Over three years, he increased the contract's value to $95million. Kupp's extension Over three years, it is expected to be worth $80 millions. McVay was a delight to Kingsbury, even though he wasn't trying eliminate two of his best players from the league.

Kingsbury said, “It's amazing.” “I told Sean the same thing, but it was just to see that so many coaches, old and new, as well as current players, show up to support him. It just shows his impact on those guys,” Kingsbury said.

Kingsbury's division rivals — Kingsbury is 1-6 against them in his three seasons in Arizona, which includes a rematch with a 34-11 loss Kingsbury had a different perspective when Kingsbury was able to see the Cardinals' season ending in the NFC wild card game.

Kingsbury said, “To see those guys differently, most of the times when you see all these coaches and players everybody is revved up and nervous, anxious. And to just see everyone kind of laid back and let their guard down, it was an amazing day.”

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