Kyle Schwarber was ejected after Philadelphia Phillies’ 1-0 loss. Large strike zone: ‘just got me’

PHILADELPHIA Kyle SchwarberHe was kicked out of the ninth inning after arguing strikes and balls. Philadelphia Phillies‘ 1-0 defeat to the Milwaukee BrewersSunday night

Schwarber looked in the final frame and turned around to Angel Hernandez, home plate umpire. He slammed the bat to the ground and tossed the helmet. Hernandez eventually confronted Schwarber as Hernandez was ejecting Hernandez.

Joe Girardi, the Phillies manager, eventually took control of the dispute — though in a more subdued fashion — when an angry Schwarber returned to the dugout.

Schwarber then ran a few steps away from the dugout, shouting “All night!” Schwarber then walked out of the dugout to shout “All night!”

Schwarber stated that he was not there to bury anyone but that it wasn't very well in his postgame availability. “You wish… “You wish… It wasn't very well. The guys did a great job of not saying too much tonight. It got me to the point where I decided to stand up for my fellow guys.”

Some of the tendencies that led to Schwarber's demise were also noticed by the Brewers.

“Everybody watched the game and everyone noticed that he was consistent for both sides. He was not good, but he was consistent for both sides.” Brewers catcher Omar Narvaez said. “Sometimes you just need to adjust and not let the umpire make the final decision.”

It all comes down to this: Eric LauerA career-high 13 strikeouts in six innings Christian YelichThe ninth was a sacrifice fly by the Brewers, who won the game. Lauer Aaron NolaIn a pitchers' duel, the starters combined for 22 strikeouts and took no-decisions.

It was a large area. After the win, Craig Counsell, Brewers manager said it was “just a little big” in many areas. Schwarber seemed to have said that it was big for both sides. It was inevitable that someone would be upset by it.

This was Philadelphia's fifth loss in seven games and the fourth consecutive series loss for Girardi’s new-look team. They had previously taken two of the three games from Girardi. Oakland Athleticsto open the season.

The Brewers won, however, for the sixth time in seven games.

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