Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets’ star, remains optimistic that New York City will repeal the COVID-19 vaccine mandate

MIAMI — Brooklyn Netsguard Kyrie IrvingIt is hoped that the New York City vaccination requirement will eventually be repealed and that he will be allowed to play in home games next season.

Irving, who was not vaccinated for COVID-19, is no longer able play at Barclays Center. He will not be able play with his team again until February 26, in Milwaukee, since there are three more home games, as well as a game against the Milwaukee Timberwolves. New York KnicksOn Wednesday

Irving's absence is all the more evident in New York City, given that the Nets are now down 11 games in a row after dropping 115-111 to the Toronto Raptors. Miami HeatSaturday night

Irving declared after the game that “it will look good when there are more pieces out here.” “Despite that, I wish I could still be there at home. Others say that it's as easy as “Hey, get this, get the shot.” It's not that simple for me, but I still pray for a better outcome.

Sean Marks, Nets general manger, stated during a Friday news conference that Irving is the most frustrated person in the situation. However, the Nets point guard claimed that even though he is watching games from his home, he doesn’t feel guilty about not getting the vaccine.

Irving stated, “There's no guilt I feel.” Because I play in New York City, this is the only problem that I have to deal with. It would be different if it were me in another place. Because I'm here, Eric Adams and the New York mandate are there. We have real life situations that affect me. These questions are not mine to answer. I do not feel guilty.

“I am just trying to live my life the best I can, just like everyone else who has missed these past two years. I didn’t have a plan while this was happening, didn’t know. The NBPA and NBA made it clear that there would be ways I could work around this. This is not an option. Tell me, do you think I'm alone here or can I rely on the support of others who are dealing with the exact same thing?

Irving reiterated that he appreciates Marks' support and the Nets organization. Irving said, “With Sean (me and him), we talk frequently so it's never anything new.”

Irving nearly brought the Nets back from a 21 point deficit in Saturday's loss. He scored 20 of his 29th quarter points. It wasn't enough to save a Nets team continuing to struggle after a huge deal that sent them packing. James HardenTo the Philadelphia 76ersReturned Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre DrummondMoreover, two future first-round picks.

Irving admitted that it was hard for his family to listen to the criticisms he has received about not getting vaccine.

Irving stated, “This has not been easy for anyone.” Irving said, “And I think the guys keep hammering into this and then also in open spaces, I'm starting to notice that people love to make jokes about it.” It could be ‘half-game', ‘half-man', or whatever. My family needs to see some, but so do my teammates. The outside noise can sometimes creep in, but it doesn’t affect me, because I’m used to it.”

Steve Nash, the Nets' coach, stated after Saturday's match that he believes his team is “adapting well” to Irving's natural in-and out nature.

Nash stated, “It's not an ordinary thing.” “I believe they haven’t wavered at that… They're showing that it's not an issue for their mentality or spirit. Tonight, there was a lot spirit.

Irving stated that he does not feel guilty about his decision. However, he admitted that it was “tough” to watch the Nets from far. Before the Nets reversed the course of his season, Irving missed almost three months. However, he did admit that it was difficult to watch from afar. Indiana Pacers.

Irving said, “It's always hard.” It's been difficult since the beginning. However, there is a lesson to be learnt from this. Being more engaged than I was just a few short months ago. Being able to get closer with the guys, and doing things that make this place feel less like work everyday. “Whether I'm at work or home, whether I'm playing or not.

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