Kyrie Irving claims he has the same energy as Boston Celtics fans.

BOSTON Brooklyn Netsguard Kyrie IrvingHe said that he was responding aux words of the crowd when he turned off several Boston CelticsTwo separate events were attended by fans during Sunday's 115-114 defeat in Game 1.

Irving said after the game that he would have the same energy for them as they did for him.

Irving, who scored a team record 39 points in just 42 minutes, said, “Look, where my family is from, I'm used all these antics, and people being near each other.” “It's not new to me when I enter this building, but it's the exact same energy they have for us, and I'm going be the same for them.

“And it is not every fan. I don’t want to attack all Boston fans. People will start shouting p —- and b —- at you and all the other stuff. There's only so much you can take as a competitor. We are the ones who should be humble and docile. It's the playoffs. This is how it is.

Irving, who played two seasons for Boston in 2017-19, admitted that he's gotten used to being booed and heckled by Celtics fans after leaving the club following the '18-19 campaign. Irving has been subject to more anger from fans after several exchanges in the past couple of years.

Irving had stated that he wanted a long-term deal with the Celtics before the '18-19 season. But, Irving changed his mind and left for the Nets at the end. Irving, who stepped on the Celtics logo in center court following Game 4 against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals last season, was then handed a water bottle by someone in the crowd as the player made his way to the floor.

Irving stated that Irving had also made the statement in the week preceding the game. “subtle racism” from the crowd at timesHe acknowledged that he had heard some racist comments at TD Garden.

Irving declared after Sunday's game, “I know what I can expect in here.” “And it's that same energy I'm giving to them. It is what it IS. It's not what I am focusing on, but it's still fun. From my hometown, I've dealt a lot with people. So when I get here, it's fun to be a competitor. So if someone's going out to call me on my name I'm gonna take a look at them straight in their eyes and see if they're really serious. Most of the times they aren't.

Irving was booed throughout the day. A reporter asked Irving about the “hostility” he felt from the Boston crowd. He said that this wasn't his first time flipping off a fan at a game.

Irving said, “This is your first time actually catching it because this game is big-time.” I respond in different ways. That's not what I want to be focusing on. Ask the fans questions if you'd like to. Ask the fans questions while you're out on the street.

Irving quickly answered a question regarding whether the energy of the Boston crowd helped him play his best game.

Irving stated, “Embrace it.” “Embrace it. It's the dark side. Embrace it.”

Irving's teammates, coaches, and mentors were confident that Irving would do well in this environment.

Steve Nash, Nets coach said that this was a man who made the game-winning shot at The Finals. “He has played in the Olympics. He has played in the All-Star Game MVP. He doesn't seem to be affected by any environment. If he has an off day, it's an off night. Kyrie is not affected by the crowd. He's accomplished everything that you can do in the sport.

Nets forward and Nets player: “I don't believe he worries about that.” Kevin Durant added. “I think that he plays his game and does what's necessary out there. Tonight, his shot-making was amazing. He just controlled the game for us. This is what we will need moving forward — regardless of where he may be, I think that he is the same player.”

Did Durant feel that the fans had crossed the line Sunday for him?

Durant admitted that “I wasn’t really focused on fans.” We know they will show support for their team but we know they will also let Kyrie know as much as they can. It's what it is. It's an integral part of the sport.

Irving was defeated by the Celtics in March, and he has since been back. compared Boston fans to a “scorned girlfriend,”He has repeatedly stated that he believed it was time for Boston's fans to move on from the short tenure of his. When he was asked by reporters after Sunday's match, he said that he believes it is possible.

Irving replied, “Don’t care at the moment.” Let's get down to the series and discuss our possessions and what we can do better. Boston's past is not what I want to focus on. I'm with the Brooklyn Nets. “I'm glad to be there with my teammates, and I love competing out there.”

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