LA Clippers’ Ty Lue waits for Paul George’s MRI and casts doubt on Kawhi Leonard’s return

LOS ANGELES – The LA ClippersYou might be interested in learning more about whether Paul GeorgeWill play again this season, but he will need an MRI on the right elbow. Ty Lue, head coach of the team, was not optimistic about a return to action. Kawhi LeonardReturn this season.

The Clippers won 111-110 over the Clippers Los Angeles LakersLue confirmed to me that George will undergo an MRI in order to determine if his shooting elbow injury, the torn ulnar collatar ligament, has improved over time. George has been absent from the Clippers since Dec. 22 and has not played in the last 22 games.

Leonard has been active all season as he rehabbed a torn ACL sustained in Game 4 of Clippers' second round series against the Clippers. Utah JazzOn June 14.

Lue stated, “We know Kawhi's not gonna return,” as he answered a question about his enjoyment coaching the group that had fought without their two franchise stars. “We don’t know what the status is of PG but these guys keep fighting. Every night.”

Lue answered a question about Leonard and said that it was the strongest statement he had made about the status of the franchise forward for this season.

Lue stated, “I don’t know.” “I am not a doctor. But fear is stronger than hope. I hope that these guys will come back. You never know.

Center Serge IbakaLeonard, who was teammates in Toronto with Leonard and the Clippers, stated that Leonard is hard at work to return.

“I've seen him a few times. He [is] doing good, he [is]Ibaka stated, “Working so hard.” He's always in the gym. Kawhi is a good friend of mine. This is a game he loves and will try to master it. [the]He will do his best to come back strong.

“He [is]He works so hard. It's amazing to see his dedication. He's becoming stronger. It's not a hard decision to make, but I do know that he would love to be back.

Lue expressed his hope that George is feeling “good”. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported Jan. 18 that George would be given a little more time to recover from his elbow injury.

Lue spoke out about George's planned MRI, saying that “right now, they're talking like that.” “But things could change at any moment.”

Lue stated, “I hope that he's feeling well.” “I don't know but things can change. This is something to look forward too. The power of hope is greater than fear.

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