Lakers’ Patrick Beverley was suspended for 3 games after a shoving incident

Lakers' Patrick Beverley was suspended for 3 games after a shoving incident

Los Angeles Lakers Guard Patrick Beverley He was suspended for three games and not paid any compensation. Phoenix Suns Center Deandre Ayton During Tuesday night's game the NBA announced that they would be releasing a Thursday announcement.

There are 3:55 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and the Suns up 106–96. Devin Booker A shooting foul was called upon Austin ReavesThe second-year player made contact, then stood over Ayton and stared at him. Reaves was still on the ground. Beverley ran several feet and checked Ayton's shoulder with his left arm, as the Suns big man was not looking.

Booker was awarded a flagrant violation 1 for the hit on Reaves. Beverley received a technical foul assessment and was ejected. Ayton was also t'd up.

Beverley declared after the game, “Got someone on the floor, two people looking over mean mugging and puffing out their chests and referees aren't getting into it to kinda separate it, control it, so I'm going stand up for my fellow,”

According to Joe Dumars, Executive Vice president, Head of Basketball Operations, the suspension was based in part upon Beverley's history with unsportsmanlike behavior.

Beverley will begin his suspension Nov. 25, as the Lakers face Beverley. San Antonio Spurs.

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