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SCOTTSDALE Ariz. — Larry Fitzgerald's adjustment to life after the NFL was a gradual one.

Fitzgerald, who played 17 season for the Arizona CardinalsHe ranks second all-time in receiving yards, receptions, and said that he used to watch the games, see the plays, and long to get out there. After a year, the future first-ballot Hall of Fame recipient has settled into a routine that he likes. He spends a lot of time doing “the dad stuff”, with his sons Devin and Apollo.

Fitzgerald said, “They're involved in so many things.”

Their schedules have been just as great as he had hoped.

Fitzgerald said, “You learn so much about yourself when you don't have to work and I like structure better.” I don't like structure but I do better when it is there, you know. You need structure in your life or you'll be content to just watch TV and sit at home. … You need to get into a routine.

He is a father to his sons and a busy dad. He was part of the SiriusXM NFL Radio radio show with Jim Gray. Tom BradyHe's a minority shareholder of the Phoenix SunsHe completed a Harvard Business School four-day course on business of entertainment media and sports. Larry Fitzgerald Enterprises has kept him busy, investing all over the world through his company Larry Fitzgerald Enterprises.

Fitzgerald knew he wasn't going to give up football. He was aware of it coming and was prepared accordingly.

“It's not as if it happened suddenly,” he stated. “Unfortunately, most athletes are told their careers are over. There is not much time to prepare. There isn't much you can do to bridge the gap between the two of you, which is why it's so frustrating for guys.

“You have to think, I played 17 year, I made a million contacts, I was able do everything that I wanted in terms of preparing for a smooth transition.”

Fitzgerald has not yet announced his retirement, but he most likely will, as he considers himself too young to retire.

He said, “I'm 38 years of age.” “I'm still a long way off retirement.” It's a long road.

Fitzgerald, who is sixth in touchdowns all-time, has been trying to keep connected to the game. He and Cardinals receiver Christian KirkTalk often. Talk often with his former teammates, such as the offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum.

He may want to play another game, but he can watch games and feel bored.

“I mean, there are days when you look at the game and you see D.Hop [DeAndre Hopkins]Make a great catch, or you will see [tight end Zach]Ertz does something extraordinary or you see it. [left tackle] D.J. [Humphries]Pancake a guy [linebacker] Chandler [Jones]Get a bag or [safety] Budda [Baker]You get excited when you pick a pick, and you wish you could have been there to participate with them,” he said.

Fitzgerald won't be returning — and he is at peace with it.

“I had a great run. It was very enjoyable. Fitzgerald stated, “I wouldn't change any of it.” “I wish that I could have done more for the Valley, in terms of winning the championship, but that's just water under the bridge.”

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