Larry Fitzgerald (ex-Arizona Cardinals) doesn’t want to play in the NFL “right now”.

GLENDALE Ariz. — Former player, ex-player, reveals his greatest thoughts about the future of his game. Arizona CardinalsLarge receiver Larry FitzgeraldHe said that he does not have the desire to return on a field right now.

During an interview for SiriusXM's “Let’s Go”, the Pro Bowler of 11 years was asked if he wanted to broadcast radio again or play football.

Fitzgerald stated that Fitzgerald appears on the radio program with Fitzgerald. Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Tom BradyJim Gray. To be completely honest, right now I don't feel the need to play. While I do not know what I will feel in September and October or November, I can tell you that I am not feeling the need right now.

“And that is something I feel I need to respect. You don't want to just go out and have fun, but football isn't one you can play without being fully involved and prepared to plan and complete the tasks that are required.

Fitzgerald, who has been with the Cardinals for 17 years is now an unrestricted agent. After Jerry Rice, Fitzgerald is second in the NFL's all time receiving yards and receptions list.

At Arizona's training camp, it has been an ongoing topic of discussion about his status in 2021. Kliff Kingsbury said that the coach has confirmed his status for 2021. “ball's in his court”And that the Cardinals will have plans in place in case Fitzgerald chooses to return for an additional 18-season season.

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