LeBron James is on the Maldives’ beach, fishing, dancing, and swimming with his family.

You have missed the opportunity to win NBA playoffsThe Los Angeles LakersThe'season' has been over for longer than two weeks. LeBron JamesYou have some time. Lakers averaged 30.3 points per game during this season. Now it's the offseason and time to go on vacation.

Although it may not be as famous in LeBron vacations legend, “Banana Boat” tripJames and Savannah took their family to Maldives. They stayed on an island. Savannah James' Instagram account posted a video showing the family flying in a seaplane to the beach and going fishing. LeBron did some barefoot dancing and enjoyed a drink.

LeBron, 37, has had as many NBA titles and times missed the playoffs as he does now. A late-spring getaway to Florida is likely something unusual for the 18-time NBA All-Star. He tweeted on April 22 that he didn't want to miss the playoffs ever again.

The Maldives, located west of Sri Lanka in India Ocean, is 12 hours ahead LeBron's time zone. It would be difficult to watch the playoffs on vacation if you don't get up at night or stay up until late.

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