LeBron James (LeBron), Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Brady are among the highest-earning sportspeople

Which athletes make the most money? It's 2022. Los Angeles Lakers star/media mogul LeBron JamesSportico's research revealed that $126.9M was earned by athletes in the last year.

Conor McGregor, a MMA fighter, has been replaced by James at the top of the list. James is 37 years old. James is one of 36 NBA players who are listed in Sportico's top 100 rankings. James was No. 5, a year earlier. He is also the only American among the top five. Golden State WarriorsGuard Stephen Curry ($86.2 million), Kevin DurantThe Brooklyn Nets ($85.9 million), James HardenThe Philadelphia 76ers($76 million), and golfer Tiger WoodsThey are ranked in the top 10 for their ($73.5 Million) earnings. Tennis star Naomi OsakaThe top-earning female athlete on the list is $53.2 million Serena Williams($35.3 million) is also the highest-ranked female athlete.

Sportico's estimates take into account earnings between June 2021 and May 2022. They also include salary and prize money. It includes bonuses, incentives, licenses, royalties, memorabilia and media appearances. Together, the top 100 earn $4.5 Billion in this timeframe, an increase of 6% compared to last year.

The list includes 25 players from America's most popular sport, the NFL. James is joined by international footballers at the top 5. Lionel Messi ($122 million), Cristiano Ronaldo($115 Million) NeymarThey are ranked 2-4 respectively ($103 million). They are 13 of the top soccer players on this list. With representatives from the NFL, the NFL is second to the NBA.

Signing bonus of $60 million Los Angeles RamsQB Matthew StaffordIt comes in at No. 11 and is the highest-ranked NFL players. Stafford was awarded $73.3 million for his Super Bowl win. Ten of the NFL's players are quarterbacks. Josh AllenAnd Tom BradyAre among the top 20. Shout out to Ryan RamczykThe New Orleans SaintsAnd Brandon ScherffThe Jacksonville Jaguarsbecause there were two offensive linemen joining the list and cashing in. Trevor Lawrence($32.8million), the Jaguars QB at 22 years old, who is ranked No. 72 years old, he is the youngest on the list.

Three athletes qualified for eight teams: the Nets and Lakers. Milwaukee Bucksthe NBA's 76ers; Buffalo BillsFrom the NFL Paris Saint-GermainLigue 1.

Two athletes stood out for their move down the list. McGregor, who was injured in July and has not been fighting since, moved up to No. 1-22 Golfer Phil MickelsonAfter losing many sponsors, the number of employees who were able to afford it fell to 33 to 44 controversial commentsInformation about the Saudi Arabian government

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