LeBron James surpasses Kareem AbdulJabbar in the most combined points during regular season and playoffs

SAN FRANCISCO — In league history, no player has scored more points in a uniform of the NBA than LeBron James after Saturday night.

The Los Angeles Lakersstar, who had 19 points to get through the night Kareem Abdul-JabbarFor the most postseason and regular season points, a 3-pointer was made less than five minutes into halftime against the Golden State WarriorsHe now has 21 points for the game, and 44,152 between the regular season, and the postseason. Abdul-Jabbar's Hall of Fame career ended with 44,149 points. This includes 38,387 points in the regular season and 5,762 playoffs.

James started it early and tied Abdul-Jabbar with a 3 with 1:44 remaining in the second period. L.A. kept up with the Warriors' pace by finishing the first half with 18 point on 7-for-12 shooting.

“That's really cool. Frank Vogel, Lakers coach said it was amazing before the game. “Everything he has done in his career is amazing. This is why I think he's one of the greatest players ever.”

James began the day at No. With 36,500 points, James was No. 3 on the all time regular season scoring list. 1, on the all time postseason scoring list, with 7,631 point.

He is only 500 points away of passing Karl MaloneNo. 2 on the regular-season scoring list, and less than 2,000 points from AbdulJabbar for No. 1.

He was No.1 after Michael Jordan. He was ranked No. 1 on the 2017 all-time playoff scoring lists.

Steve Kerr, Warriors coach and who faced James and the other Warriors coaches, stated that “I feel like it was a lot of those playoff points.” Cleveland CavaliersIn four consecutive NBA Finals between 2015-18. It's an incredible statistic. Although it won't be as widely celebrated as the regular season record, it's still remarkable when you consider all the talented players who have played in this league. Michael Jordan, for example, played in more than a million playoff matches. It is a testament to LeBron’s brilliance and also his long life.

“I think the most important thing about him is his ability take care of himself and to continue playing at a high level for so much time. He is still at the top, at the top in his league. That stat was not known to me. It's quite remarkable.”

James has had an outstanding scoring season. He had scored at least 25 points in 21 consecutive games by Saturday's end, tied for the longest streak of such scoring in his career. Only Philadelphia's 29.1 points per games would place him second in the league. Joel EmbiidJames (29.3) has not yet played enough games to earn the scoring title. This is his fourth-highest scoring score in 19 years and the highest he has averaged since 2009-10, when he scored 29.7 points for Cleveland.

James' scoring percentage this season was the highest by any player in either his 19th or later season. Kobe BryantHe held the record with a 22.3 point average in 2014-15. However, he was limited in his 19th season to only 35 games due to injury.

Vogel stated that Vogel “I believe he's just written the rules for how players later on in their careers can evolve their game to remain playing at the top level.” “So just another chapter in his story.”

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