Lions defeated by Bills as they ride a roller coaster finish

DETROIT — It is in the greatest moments Buffalo Bills Large receiver Stefon Diggs When he feels most at ease, he says it while wearing a Dogbone necklace.

The Bills' 28-25 win over the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day was a huge success. Detroit Lions. The Bills surrendered a five point lead in the fourth quarter. However, their offense responded with back to back scoring drives. This included a 21 second game-winning drive that resulted in a 45-yard field-goal by kicker Tyler Bass.

Bass kicked after missing an extra point on the previous drive, which allowed the Lions tie the score.

“I don’t believe you know how difficult it is to be a guy in this league to do that,” quarterback Josh Allen said. “For [Bass] Just to feel the roller coaster emotions, to step up and build our team up.

Bass kicked the ball with seven seconds left. Bass had made all six of his field goals the week before and was 2 for 2 in the victory over the Lions. Two kicks were over 45 yards. He missed his first extra point attempt in regular season since 2020.

Bass said, “I just knew that we were going to have another opportunity, you know, considering our offense.” I knew there was another opportunity and I had to be prepared for it. I was able to quickly reset my system and get on with the next steps.

Allen's solid drive that took Allen over six minutes and went 90 yards in just 14 plays gave the Bills their first lead. Everything that the Bills had struggled with all season seemed to vanish on that drive. Allen finished 7-of-8 with 49 yards and a touchdown. After being pressured 36% prior to that drive, Allen was only once pressured on eight dropbacks. The Bills did not have a starting center Mitch MorseLeft tackle Dion Dawkins Due to an ankle injury, I missed the second part of the match.

Diggs and Allen were able to connect in a way that they hadn't all game (4-of-4 for 49 yards and a 5-yard touchdown passing), and the team didn't need any third down.

Diggs doesn't need much from you. It's evident in his eyes,” says the right guard Ryan Bates Diggs said the same thing on the two final drives. He's ready to go, he's in the huddle. There's nothing you can say to him. You say to him, “Hey guys, let's f—ing make it happen.” You can't tell anything when he has that look in his eyes. He's going to do his thing, he's going out there.”

Allen's pass touchdown to Diggs, his fourth career touchdown, was tied with Kirk Cousins And Justin Herbert For the third consecutive season, this is the highest total by any quarterback. He finished the game with 24-of-42 passes for 253 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. He was also the leading rusher for the team with 10 carries of 78 yards and one score.

Allen quickly responded to the Lions' field goal after a 42-yard, 10-play drive that took 2:07 off the clock. The Bills' 25-yard line saw the first play. It was a 36-yard pass from Allen to Diggs, which was the longest play from Scrimmage for either side.

Diggs stated that he was not expecting to get behind them but might be able to have a one-on-1. “If I got a 1-on-1, I was, Josh would take it, I felt that way. His confidence in me, his support for the defense, or the same thing. If they are covering top-down, I tend to slow down, as if the ball was coming. He threw another missile. He threw another missile last week and it almost fell. It was a similar ball and it was traveling at the same speed. There was no anxiety at the moment.

Allen stated that the play was an idea they had because of a similar look from a previous game.

“They were like a small two-man idea and me. [offensive coordinator Ken] Allen stated that Dorsey had talked about it a few days back. “When I saw that same look in a previous match, I said, “Hey, let us put this play in just so we might need it.” Stef found it, ran a hell of a route, and gave him a chance to make a great play.

The game-winning kick was scored by Bass. Allen made two more runs. The Bills were the first team to begin a drive within the final 25 seconds of regulation from their 25-yard line. Kansas City Chiefs'13-second scoring drive against the Bills in the 2021 divisional playoffs to force overtime

Buffalo now stands at 22-1 after Allen's passing and rushing touchdowns in the regular season. Diggs had only three targets in the first half, and he caught five of his targets for 65 yards on Diggs' final drives.

Coach Sean McDermott stated, “That's what great athletes do — they step forward in those big moments.” “And they make big play in big moments of games such as this.”

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