Lorenzen Wright, the murdered NBA player, was sentenced to a 30-year term in prison for plotting his suicide.

MEMPHIS (Tenn.) — Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife Lorenzen Wright will not be allowed to serve an early release sentence of a 30 year term she received for plotting the murder of the retired NBA player in 2010. The Tennessee Board of Parole announced Monday that Wright was not eligible for early release.

Sherra Wright, who pleaded guilty in July 2019 to first-degree murder in the death of her ex-husband, was denied parole by the board. The board spokesman Dustin Krugel, who sent an email to The Associated Press, stated that the decision was made after three out of seven board members had agreed to deny Wright parole based on her serious offense.

Sherra Wright attended a parole hearing May 11, at Nashville's prison where she is currently being held. Wright claimed she has done well with the classes she is taking in prison and that she has a support system for when she is released. Two of Wright's children made statements in her place.

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