Los Angeles Angels’ ShoheiOhtani is out of the lineup with a groin injury. Next start on mound will be up also in air

CHICAGO — Los Angeles AngelsStar Shohei OhtaniOn Monday, he will not be in contention for the starting lineup against the Chicago White SoxAccording to the team, he is now available on the bench following a minor groin injury while running to first base Sunday.

Mike Frostad, the athletic trainer, stated Monday morning that they had removed him from the game as a precaution.

Because Ohtani's injury didn't require an MRI, the team believes he will be back in action in the coming days.

Joe Maddon, manager, stated that there is no need to rush.

Ohtani was originally scheduled to pitch in Boston on Tuesday, but this will be moved until he is ready. Maddon was asked whether he would pitch in the three-game series against Red Sox.

“I hope so,” he replied. “We'll have to wait for a day or so to figure it out. He feels pretty good today.”

Frostad stated that it was up to us to see how the situation unfolds over the next few days. On Monday, we are not in a position to make a decision on his next start.

After hitting into a double-play two innings earlier, Ohtani was pinch-hit in the ninth inning of Sunday’s win over White Sox. He stopped as he approached the first base and was eventually thrown out.

Ohtani is the American League's first-ranked hitter with 17 runs scored. He also has a 4.19 ERA from four games starting on the mound.

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